• Not just the US

    The whole world would be better without religion. I don't want to go into a huge rant about religion here, but as there is little proof of a God existing, you can't base everyday life on something that the majority of people don't believe in and that probably doesn't exist.

  • Frankly the world would be.

    While mankind certainly would still find things to fight about without religion, nothing gives an ordinarily good person a motive to engage in hatred, bigotry, and violence like religion- and lets them feel righteous for doing so. Religion is at the source of much prejudice and strife in both our nation and the wider world.
    There is nothing religion offers mankind that cannot be accomplished through secular means.

  • Yes it would

    I think the U.S would be best without religion for many reasons. First off, even though there is supposed to be a separation of church and state religion still makes its way into politics. I know one thing that happened was religious groups didnt like the university of michigans stem cell research project because abortion was nessasarry to help the research. Because religious groups began protesting they had to stop research. If it wasnt for religion we could have a way to replace and transplant stem cells.

    Keep in mind religion is a big cause for war and causes lots of disagreement in politics.

  • Right to Conscience and Self-Determination

    Contrary to belief, separation of church and state is never intended to protect the state from the church. It was intended to protect the right to conscience, including right to any belief system (including belief in nothing) from intervention from the state. This is a central tenet of democracy, were freedom of expression and belief form the very foundations of its most basic constitution.

    I'm not arguing that the US is better because of religion. Rather, the US and countries like it are better than the rest of the world because of their guarantees to protect the freedom of belief.

    I'm bewildered by the claim that the US will be better if it acted like a dictator state that prohibits the exercise of religion and any belief system.

    The arguments against Evil are misguided.

    Evil is not exclusive to religion. It is prevalent in any human institution, from capitalism, corporations, and governments. If one is committed to ending evil, may I recommend starting with the banking system, oil industry and health care?

    The evil in religion is unavoidable the same way that evil in any human institution is unavoidable, because it is part of human nature. People chose to believe a religion not because it is Evil but because of shared experience of solidarity, community and compassion. If religion committed Evil, this is always by a minority who would have committed Evil anyway regardless of religion except that religion to the uneducated is an effective veil of abstraction, which explains its prevalence in American television.

    Posted by: DT
  • Freedom of Religion

    The Founding Fathers were gracious enough to provide American citizens with the "freedom of religion," a right that should be respected. Second, this country founded on Judeo-Christian values became arguably the "greatest country on earth." How is it possible for a few colonists, which were nothing more than farmers, defeat the greatest nation on earth at the time(Britain), without the divine intervention of God? Furthermore, the Bible says in Psalm 9:17, "The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God." Taking God out of schools, and taking the Ten Commandments off the court houses is the worst thing America could do.

  • Banning religion is just as bad as forcing it.

    My strongest belief is that we have no way of knowing for sure that there is or is not a God or third power. If someone were to take away my right to believe that, I would be outraged. Therefore, while religion has caused an absurd amount of damage in the past, that does not give anyone the right to take it away. No one has the permission to take away another human's spirituality, because for many, spirituality is fundamental in how they perceive and accept themselves. If there simply was no religion whatsoever, that's a different story. But I still believe something would take its place that would cause just as much chaos and violence.

    Posted by: MC1R

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