Would the U.S. be run better if its politicians were living more modest lives?

  • Of course it would

    Let's start with a 90% tax on political donations, confiscation of all unspent political funds upon their retirement, 100% tax on all book deal and outside speaking revenue earned while in office, a total embargo on their taking ANY job with ANY government contractor or company who benefited from legislation they supported for five years after their leaving office, a maximum of 12 years in office, a requirement that they resign their current political position if they want to run for another one, and an unequivocal, unavoidable application of EVERY law to them (no exclusions, deferrals, or exemptions) - and that should apply to all of their aids and employees too

    If you don't like the terms of the job, don't run for the office!! We'll all be better off.

  • Yes, the U.S. would be better run if its politicians were living more modest lives.

    Yes, most definitely, the U.S. would be better run if its politicians were living more modest lives. Politicians now act and treat their status more like celebrities than people who are to be working for the vast majority of Americans who elected them. America is already divided and distrustful of politicians and the political system. Perhaps if they lived and practiced more modest lives, the American people would regain their faith in government.

  • Politician has become a job.

    I believe that, yes, politicians living lavish lifestyles is part of a movement within our political system which separates them from the people which they represent. By earning far more than the people they represent, the system is no longer "of the people" or "by the people," and thus cannot effectively be "for the people" if they do not understand or live AS the people in question.

  • Potentially yes

    The U.S. would be run better if everything about politicians was more modest. If they lived in a world that their ineffectiveness and bickering actually affected their lives maybe they'd be inclined to actually get things done instead of spending 95% of their time grandstanding and calling the opposing party stupid.

  • Yes, the U.S. would run better if politicians lived more modest lives

    Yes, the U.S. would run better if our politicians were living more modest lives. If they did live more modestly, they would understand more of the average person's needs, worries and necessities and could enforce the laws accordingly. With the current salary of most politicians they do not need to worry about the same issues that the lower income group of people need to worry about. Therefore, they are not putting our tax dollars into the programs that would allow for better growth overall.

  • Politicians Should Live Extravagant Lives Bought By Tax Payers Not Special Interests.

    People of stature and leadership do not want to live modestly. Great leaders like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin were wealthy men who created America because they were the type of men who refused ordinary, modest lives. Men who lead and make changes to the world want and deserve lives of luxury and wealth. The problem is that politicians get that wealth from rich donors and large corporations. What America should do is raise politician salaries to at least $10,000,000 per year so that politicians can answer to the people and not have to be bribed from the corporations, lobbyist and the rich who can afford to give them the compensation they require to be who they are.

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