Would the U.S. benefit from an improved educational system?

  • Yes, the U.S. would benefit from an improved educational system.

    Yes, an improved educational system would be of great benefit to the U.S. It is vital to train citizens to be productive, and the present educational system does not do a very good job of this in many instances. Without an improved educational system the young people of this nation will not rise to their full potential.

  • Yes, the US educational system is slipping in rank internationally.

    As a superpower, it is the United States' obligation to produce an educated, competitive workforce. Instead students are slipping across the board in a slew of subjects. American students are losing ground intellectually and won't be able to compete with other countries soon enough. The educational system is failing students and letting many fall between the cracks. Funding needs to grow and standards need to be raised.

  • Yes, I think the US would benefit from a improved educational system.

    I think that any nation would benefit from an improved educational system, I think the more educated a populace is the better society will be overall, I think that we need to be dedicating the appropriate resources into our educational system to ensure that we are getting the best results possible.

  • The US would greatly benefit from an improved educational system

    Education is widely agreed to be one of the most important, if not the most important, factors in human development. The United States currently has a very good system of higher education and a decent system of primary and secondary education, but changes must be made to help improve this. If the US can promote education reform, then we can begin to change the outcomes of our educational system. More teens will be ready for college or for the workforce and more high level jobs will be created.

  • The United States needs to focus on other areas

    While the US education system is not the best in the world it is one of the top contenders, and has been for decades. Right now the nation needs to focus on other things, like our horribly inconsistent foreign policy and widening income gap, especially in an era where both state and national budgets are in more distress than ever before. As of now the United States simply can't afford to have the best education system in the world, and why try when we are one of the best and have so many other issues on hand?

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