Would the U.S. grant amnesty to a person who exposed Russia's spying?

  • Sadly yes, it probably would

    While it doesn't justify what Russia is doing because it's deplorable, if the tables were turned yes, the United States would probably do the same thing. These two countries occasionally speak like they want to get along with one another, but at the end of the day, they exhibit enough behavior to make it clear that they don't.

  • Yes, Because It Would Encourage Others to Betray Their Country

    The cold truth is, America would grant amnesty to anyone caught
    betraying his country, if that country were Russia. Countries spy on one
    another, and everyone knows it. We do not doubt that Russia spies on us, but
    have no evidence to show the world. We would love to prove they spy, though,
    and if anyone gave us evidence we would certainly do our best to support and
    defend such a traitor.

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