• It truly represents the will of the people.

    If a candidate garners 30% of the vote, they can still win the election. That is a problem. If people can rank their candidates, then a side can only win in the first round if it gets an actual majority. The last-place candidates are eliminated and all votes transferred to their second preference until one candidate achieves a majority. That is more democratic than the current system and will result in a much more proportional result for the UK.

  • I think it would help

    I really like the idea of the alternative vote. It helps reduce the problems that occur when a vote is split between two different people with similar positions. This way you could rank the different options from most wanted to least wanted and you would have a better idea of who could represent you.

  • It would lead to better candidates.

    Yes, the United Kingdom would be progressing if it used the alternative vote, because it would lead to people getting the person that most of them want elected to office. People want to know that their vote will count when they line up at the polls. Spoiler candidates would not be an option.

  • No, One person equals one vote to one canidate

    This method of voting gives the voter a false sense of power. The voting population must choose who they want to represent them. It actually means making a single choice. The ranking system distorts this process. Secondly, I don't see how this system elects the best choice. Voting is right that needs to be taken seriously, elections should have meaning and consequences, this system is not the answer.

  • I Doubt It

    I do not believe the United Kingdom would be progressing if it used the alternative vote. I think the United Kingdom is quite progressive given its slow but successful change from a monarchy. I do think an alternative vote would change much for them. It make be a viable option.

  • No, the United Kingdom would not be progressing even if it used the alternative vote.

    I do not believe that the United Kingdom would be progressing even it if used the alternative vote. I think that a lot of the problems and issues with the United Kingdom cannot be fixed just by simply going for something different in their political system. I think that the people need to take more time to use research and logic.

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