• People vote based on party not on ideals of the person their electing.

    People vote because of race and party. They don't care or listen to the true ideas or ideals that a politician offers. This way everyone would have to listen and think of which one will do a better job at any form of government. A true system where no candidate wins because of them party he is in. People may vote for a guy who is a democrat with 100% republican ideals.

  • George Washington thought so

    What if our government actually voiced our opinion or their own and not the opinion of party's that are bullying each other. Our first leader told us in his exit speech that we had to be careful of three things debt, foreign alliances, and POLITICAL PARTYS they are tearing us and each other apart

  • It's the Ideas, Not the Party

    Banning political parties would be smart in that it would force us to think about the ideas each candidate presents, and not just vote for them based on whether a Donkey or an Elephant is backing their platform. It would also create more individual free thought and a greater diversity of ideas!

  • I Suppose So

    I think it is plausible that the United States of America could benefit from the banning of political parties. I really think we need more political parties so we have more to choose from come election time. However, if we simply banned the concept we may end up with more options that way as well.

  • Politics need a diverse pool of people

    Politics need different parties so all people are represented. If there weren't any different parties, with different opinions, ideas would not be debated. Great concepts are passed in legislation after much debate, pro and con. Without political parties it would be like a dictatorship. One party does not have more power over the other and cannot unfairly weigh in on our government.

  • The First Amendment

    Creating a political party is the right to freely assembly. Banning political parties would be unconstitutional and absurd. However, I do agree that political parties sometimes act like idiots, but banning them will be limiting freedom of speech. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • How can you ban political affiliation without banning the constitution

    If political parties were banned, then I must ask, 'Who would do the banning?" The first amendment to to constitution guarantees a right to free assembly. Banning political parties would be undesirable and profoundly unconstitutional. If political parties were banned I don't know who it is that would benefit. It certainly won't be the voter.

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