Would the United States space program benefit from more joint missions with other countries?

  • The U.S. Space Progam Would Benefit from Joint Missions with Other Countries

    When trying to solve a problem, information is necessary to dissect what is going on and how to create a possible solution. The more minds and creativity we have working toward a goal, the better the outcome will be. This is particularly true when it comes to a massive task, such as space travel. We are not the only nation that has worked on this element over the years, and it would be beneficial to combine the expertise from all around the world to create the best possible product to attain our goals of reaching and possibly colonizing deep space.

  • US Space Program Joint Missions

    I think the United States space program benefit from more joint missions with other countries. I think that if the United States space program would benefit with the added resources and the extra man power. There have been joint missions with the United States space program in the past, so I don't see why there would be any complications to do it today.

  • I think more joint missions would benefit everyone, United States included.

    The space program is about the people of Earth exploring the space around us. It should not be exclusive to one country, nor should it be politicized. Besides sharing technology and innovation, there would be tremendous good will fostered between participating nations. I simply do not thing that the U.S. should stand alone in the area of space exploration.

  • Collaboration is more effective

    A collaboration of efforts would help the space program tremendously. This would allow the United States to recruit top talent internationally. Given the cost of the program, cost sharing can also be a significant benefit. If we put the brain trust together of an entire world, we can reach new bounds in space exploration.

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