Would the use of notebook computers in education be aided by the co-use of traditional textbooks?

  • It's unfair for paper these days.

    An encyclopaedia can weigh a kg? That same encyclopaedia in your PC? Take about what? A couple of kb?

    That being said. It's about discipline. It's about controlling yourself to open that pdf instead of that solitaire game.

    Of course the biggest downside of PC is when it breaksdown...You are done for. Your work, if you haven't backed up, well the only thing you can do is laugh over how badly you are screwed over.

  • Yes, they would aid education

    You have many expamples of this in education. I have text books that have problems in them,but the work is actually done via video. People tend to be visual learners and if you have a problem done in front of you, it can be much easier to figure out. Its how I learn atleast.

  • Traditional textbooks will always have a place in education

    Traditional books can compliment any type of education meaning notebooks as well. Traditional books have an original place in schools because not everyone can learn better with digital notebooks. So having material in your hand to read can help aid a lot with technology and enhance your experience with education.

  • Yes it would.

    I think the use of notebook computers can be aided by the co-use of textbooks when it comes to education. I think that it goes well together because sometimes you need to jot down a quick note, a serial number, or do some quick math that needs to be seen and that is where the textbook is needed.

  • It's What A Person Is Use To

    I grew up in a time when textbooks ruled the educational world and I still prefer them today. Of course it was also big news when we got one computer hooked up to the Internet in the library of my elementary school. Now that notebooks and tablets are popular and easily accessible, I think students can learn to function with these and they are better tools that help aid education far more than one textbook ever could. I believe we should let textbooks go, their counterparts are available on-line. Students will work and learn from what they have, they shouldn't be restricted by the older generations viewpoint.

  • No, traditional textbooks would be totally unnecessary.

    Our school system went to notebooks this year. There is no need whatsoever for traditional textbooks now. The kids bring a notebook home instead of a backpack filled with 6 different books. Homework is done on the notebook, research is done quickly using Google, and homework is done in a fraction of the time because the kids don't have to flip through books and we parents no longer have to pay exorbitant prices for the books.

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