Would the War of 1812 have begun without the controversy over the British practice of impressment?

  • Yes the War of 1812 would have occurred even if the issue of impressment was not on the table.

    The United States would have fought the War of 1812 even if the issue of the impressing American merchant sailors into the Royal Navy had not been on the table. The remaining issues of trade restrictions resulting from Britain's ongoing war with France and the continued support the English were providing to the American Indians.

  • The Essence of the Human

    Even without practices like representation-less
    taxes, impressment, slavery (non-military impressments),
    and other forms of oppression, wars will commence. Despite the insistence of
    authority figures that claim a specific practice is the reason for war, it is merely
    the reason they want to be involved in the actual war itself and not the cause
    of humans battling other humans. How do we know this? Wars have been in
    existence since the dawn of time and have been induced by one thing and one
    thing alone: want. Even need takes second place to human want when it came (and
    still comes) to certain ancient and modern wars, but want is the constant that
    drives human incivility forward. Europe has always seen constant divisions and
    coveting of land and resources in other areas (if this were untrue, there would
    have been no explorers and there certainly would’ve been explorers massing from
    more populous regions) and the United States was still recovering from the
    blows it endured during The Revolutionary War which left an entire group of
    people free from the tethers of tyranny now without as stable trade resources
    and a stable governing body period which left the Colonies and States in a position
    of severe instability and need which generates and makes greater any present
    want that might’ve been stifled by social civility. As long as there is
    humanity there will be want, expressed or otherwise, and is long as there is
    want there is potential for war . . . the catalyst, not the cause is what is to
    be determined in such cases.

  • Yes, it would have.

    There were so many tensions building around the War of 1812, I do not think anything could have stopped it from happening. It was two powerhouses vying for control of a huge new country and territory. This was going to happen barring some sort of miracle, and that miracle never happened.

  • Just needed a reason

    I think that the war of 1812 probably would have still begun even without the controversy over British impressment. I think that it was a situation where you had the lighter fluid that only needs a math to light it. There could have been other things that happened to ignite the war.

  • Yes, the war of 1812 would have began without impressment.

    I think that the War of 1812 would have begun even without the controversy over the British practice of impressments. I think there was more than one factor that led to the war than just that. The war would have happened regardless since the British still occupied land that neighbored the colonies.

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