Would the world be a better place if civilian ownership of weapons was illegal?

  • Who really knows?

    Who really knows? Have we tried it in this country? The answer is no! Look at other countries that have stricter gun laws or guns are illegal, there are fewer gun related incidents. Go figure! So from that standpoint the world would be a better place, of course it is assumed here that we are speaking of guns and not all weapons. Regardless, it won't be known until it is tried. Why are people so stuck on traditional laws that may or may not fit into the context of our times?

  • That notion is absurd

    According to the cdc guns in America are used 400,000 times to save lives. Around the world guns are used to prevent crime. In countries like England where there is strict gun control there is more crime--more rapes, robberies, burglaries ect. In many crime filled countries people need guns. If you answered yes to this question than go tell a women in India that she isn't allowed to own a gun even though she Lives in the human trafficking capital of the world. Would you rather have her get trafficked to a brothel than be able to defend her self?.

  • The question is too broad...

    As an American I can really only speak to American society. I mean, gun control seems to work in Europe and Australia, but it doesn't work here. America is unique in many ways because of our unique beginning and history. So, you can't take one idea and apply it to every culture all over the world.

  • No, it would not.

    The world would still be the way it is, if not worst, without civilian ownership of weapons. The weapons are used in such a wide variety of things that it would cause a lot of issues to suddenly deem it illegal. People are the ones who choose to do bad things, the weapons just assist them.

  • The world would not be better.

    People need weapons to defend themselves. Police can't be everywhere at once so people should step up to the plate and take care of their own safety instead of rolling over like a coward and trying to get someone else to do it. Weapons have no morals. They take on the morals of those who use them. If good people outnumber the bad people, then there is no harm with having weapons of any sort, be it sword or gun

  • A group of sitting ducks.

    If civilian ownership of guns was illegal, law abiding citizens would be sitting ducks for criminals. Criminals will never stop carrying guns. More homes would be burglarized, there would be more murders and there would be more rape victims. This is only some of the examples of when guns are successfully used in stopping crime. Police are great, but they cannot be everywhere at once and many times, they cannot reach a crime scene in time to save a persons life. The world would be a better place if more civilians had guns to protect not only themselves, but their families as well.

  • Weapons don't kill people, people do!

    That being said, weapons do make it easier. However, why should 99% of people be denied something because one percent can't use it properly? Instead of punishing people who are going to use it for sport or self-defense, why not punish the use of weapons in crime? Why not lock up violent criminals instead of throwing people whose only crime is doing "drugs". Instead of treating the symptoms of violence (Gun violence, knife crime, murder, etc...) why don't we treat the causes? Why not work to limit poverty in our inner cities? Why not take better care of the mentally ill as to insure that they pose no real threat to society? Decrease the high recidivism rate of our prisons? Their are all sorts of approaches we could take, some of which would save us millions of dollars! For example, we could legalize the growing and manufacturing of drugs (which would increase the supply) and in turn reduce the amount of profit to be made by dealing drugs. Decriminalizing possession of drugs would be necessary for the latter to work, and in itself would free millions of people from prison and save us an average of 40,000 dollars a year per prisoner. By regulating the drug traffic, we can try to control quality and reduce crime violence by taking the drug trade away from the streets and making it into an industry like alcohol or tobacco. Although, I did say drugs, I do believe that hard drugs like heroin, cocaine, and amphetamines should only be decriminalized in cases where they have a medicinal purpose. They should be regulated like morphine and other prescription drugs.

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