Would the world be a better place if it was united under one government (eg; the UN)?

Asked by: tvschuijlenburg
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  • It will happen and it will be bad

    Everything is leading to it. All of this currency wars is just to make people want a stable currency that isn't manipulated. A universal currency that will not cheat people and that will not inflate.
    All of these acts of violence want people to clamor for peace and fors ecurity. You just want the bad people to be put away so you will not be afraid.

    But as usual people ask for something that will harm them. A one world government means that there will be no other option. It is either the government or disobedience.
    And before you tell me that is why you put responsible stable people in charge you are mistaken. Only the worst of of people are elected into power. Why is trump in charge. And why is the swamp still there?
    The bipartisan is a joke. Hillary and trump are friends and they have nothing in common with normal common people. All of the elites are connected and they have admitted that they guide humanity.
    Go in the internet and see what those psychopaths say. NEW WORLD ORDER.

    And then people will be forced to obey or to be put to death.
    If you read history you will see bloodshed in governments.
    The french revolution what about all the people who died? The communist revolution? The republic of china? Even in America some people had to die. Europeans royalty killed. Government officials killed. Journalist killed.

    I do sound like a paranoid dude but look at history. If you told the Jews about Hitler years beforehand, They would have not believed you.
    This new world order that is forming will pretend to be a beacon of hope for mankind but they will be like all the governments in the past, A voracious beast. A final beast that emerges from the sea.

  • A difference of interests within regions

    A difference of interests within regions, Which is often the case because different parts of the world face different problems and needing different things, Would mean that the government would be extremely divided. This would result in multiple different areas being unsatisfied with every decision that would be made by this new government.

  • Should not happen!

    He has lowered taxes, Started securing our boarders, Rebuilt our military, Has helped lower unemployment to levels never seen since the depression. He has done more than any administration has ever and most of all he doesn't put up with any bull s**t from other countries that have been ripping us off for years. So what if he is a arrogant jerk, He is getting stuff done and we are building up to a world power that we once was.

  • Not at all.

    Also, Can I just point out that the UN is not a one-world government type system. . . Not sure why that was your example, It seems very weird that you'd try to use the UN in this context. The UN is - by design - made up of many different sovereign nations. It is by definition, Literally many governments who happen to try to work together so we don't murder each other quite as often.

    While I do feel like more international cooperation is a good thing (such as the UN or the EU etc) on the whole, I also must admit that if these co-ops were to become true "governments" and wield power over member nations, That would be a lot of power to place in the hands of so few and be wielded against so many. And while the devil is in the details and its not impossible that this could be a massively positive thing for all of humanity, It seems much more likely that this centralizing of power would result in untold suffering and a limiting of freedom.

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