Would the world be a better place if no religion had existed ever?

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  • Religion hinders development

    Forgive me for my poor English.
    Everyone embraces peace and unity. A year before Adolf Hitler sparked WWII, he made an Anglo-German Declaration stating "Peace for our time". On the other hand, if Germany and other Powers did regret for making such a fuss, nothing will happen.
    Religion is exactly the same case. If religion never exists, there'll be no ISIS, no crusades, whatsoever. Copernicus and Galileo would never be prosecuted for challenging the Ptolemic Model.

    In the Middle Ages, Christian priests and Muslim monks preserved the Greco-Roman legacy. However, the reason behind is that only these people receive funds and are educated in the past. Religion is the main category of art only because there is only religion to imagine, to draw, to write about.

    Hence, I think scientific/civilization development would be much quicker if no religion had ever existed.

  • Yes the world would be a better place.

    Where I live businesses are open on Sunday but they were not when I was a child. Religion is the leading cause of death on earth and always has been. Religious extremists should be exterminated and only exist in history textbooks for future study to understand how humans should not behave. Let's face it, every religion that has ever been practiced is ridiculous and any intelligent person should reject it. Afterall, the world will not survive another century let alone 50 years if religion dictates our actions.

  • Imagine what it

    Would be like if ISIS didn't exist. What if those other religious extremist groups didn't exist? There would be fewer suicides and possibly school shootings. People would be more open-minded. The twin towers would still be standing. World peace would be in reach. Businesses would be open on Sunday, so it would be more convenient for everyone.

  • It probably would.

    Since many years, centuries, people believe in a supremacy. That's a fact. But if there wouldn't exist something like 'religion', I believe that the world would be a better place. Every human being would be treated the same way and war related to religion would be excluded. Also we would not have to adapt for another culture. I assume science has proved enough.

  • It would be a way better place

    I have been bullied by many religious people because I'm atheist, I haven't really done anything. What happened was I told my friend I'm athiest and she yelled at me and told everyone and this kid named Carlton through the bible at me saying " you better read this or you're going to hell" honestly I didn't know it was a big deal and I said to them "I've read it before and last I recall it said do not judge anyone and that it is a sin or something like that" and they said " I'm not judging I'm spreading the word about Jesus". The worst part was that teacher was there looking at us and didn't even say anything, she was starring at me with a dirty face NOT CARLTON!!! I have against religious people because I have other Christian friends who are ok with my belief but I still cry about what happened that day.

  • People wouldn't be surrounded by lies

    People are fooled and tricked by religion. It is a belief not a fact. The bible said that people could survive inside whales. Most religions are incorrect and scientifically incorrect. More people should become more aware and notice how almost every religion is incorrect and has false facts about life

  • There would be peace

    All of the main terrorism problems in society are caused by religion. The only good it does is give some people comfort and add to more charities. Religion is just brainwashing garbage that replaces science and common sense. Also, people who claim to only do good because of religion are clearly bad people if thats their only motivator.

  • In some regards

    Yes, the world would almost certainly be more scientifically advanced, and there would be economic advantages too (businesses opening for one more day a week doesn't sound like it can be to much harm) but I feel that, for all of you people saying about less violence and that... Bad people find ways of doing bad things....Eventually, even without religion, some guy is gonna end up convincing a group of people he's better than everyone, the word will spread, then once half the world is on board, he'll convince them that it is somehow beneficial to them all if they do whatever he tells them to.

  • There wouldn’t be wars and the free thoughts of people wouldn’t be prohibited.

    Because of religion many people around the world who have religion believe they have the right beliefs and that nobody else does.
    This is why many people around the world like Muslims and Christians fight against each other to dominate and convert people to their religions.
    In addition, many people’s thoughts and knowledge in the history hadn’t been destroyed as it happens every time a religion dominated a country: all books and libraries were burnt and the philosophical and science leaders were killed.
    Furthermore, if religion hadn’t existed, then science would have developed more. Religion hides science discoveries because they have contradictions with religions books.

  • Not if you look at history objectively.

    People tend to look at only the bad that comes from some religions and then distort it. Many common beliefs about religions affect on history are simply untrue. For example that religion has killed the most people this is utterly false most wars even if they have been claimed to be religiously motivated where not. Nearly all religions aspire for peace and unity but many people fail there religion. Radicals who commit violence in the name of there gods are a minority and directly contradict the beliefs of there religion.

    Don't believe me read this article

    Now what good has religion done? Well It has been the primary drive for advancement in human history. The earliest historical texts are religious ones in fact literature has predominately been supported by religion throughout history. The greatest monuments built where religious in nature. The root of most sciences are in religion cosmology as an example. Religion has been the primary patron of art. In fact many religions Christianity one of them has contributed to the advancement of science while not always accepting of these ideas many scientific breakthroughs where from religious people or even monks. Much of the persecution of new ideas by the church was political. At the time many in the fields of science where rich patrons of the church with allot of political power. Scientist have been known to go to great lengths to disprove or invalidate an idea that contradicts there own theory. They would have allot to lose so encouraging the church through political means to squash the idea would be beneficial to them. One example that goes to show the lengths a scientist will go is when Thomas Edison killed animals using electricity, he invited and used the first electric chair to execute a criminal. It was not immediately successful and took a number of try's to kill the man, it was described as being horrific by those who witnessed. He did this to prove that Tesla's Alternating Current electricity (what we use today) was to dangerous. Two Popes have accepted evolution as factual now even the possibility of extraterrestrial life they actually employ people to look for it.

    Religions teach primarily good things if these things where followed the world would be quite nice but we are human. It is not the religion that fails us but us Who fail the religion. Humans have tendencies that would cause all the bad things we attribute to religion regardless of weather religion had never existed.

  • Society would be nowhere near where it is today without religion.

    It's hard to think of a more ritualistic meeting of people other than that of religion. Originally they were practices to benefit life physically by ensuring better harvest or staying healthy. Over time these practices have been deemed 'ungodly' but the remains of the religion are what is of most benefit. People who are joined in groups to work as a group for a single ideology. This has been used countless times thorough human history for truly ungodly genocide but this is less common than the overall good that comes from a communal bond. The bad rep that is given to religions is caused by happenings that would undoubtedly, in a circumstance with or without religion, have happened in some way or another. That's just the way it is. My argument, coming from an atheist, is that the communal structure brought by religions is by far more productive than destructive in terms of moving society forward, at lest for now.

  • Look at the world around you!

    Think about what the world would be like if there were no good people on the earth. I'm not saying that only religion produces good people, I've met some atheists who are very good people. But let's just think and use common logic for a second: 1. Most houses of worship (churches, temples, etc.) try to facilitate goodwill to the community.
    2. All goodwill towards the community is good!
    3. Therefore, most houses of worship are good!
    I agree that extremists in some religions are responsible for mass murder, but that is not representative of religion as a whole.

  • Historically, religion encourages progress

    At first you might believe that's the opposite of what religion does, considering people like Galileo among others. However, looking into the past, more often than not religion (not just Christianity) was responsible for technology and structure. The first civilizations (Athens, Sparta, nearly all African civilizations, native American tribes, Inca... Ect.) all shared a common religion within their people. This helped those members of society to prosper-- since they all had a common goal in mind: to better their community in according to their religion. While you can definitely make an argument that not all religions were positive as a whole (Inca sacrifice for instance) they still helped to bring people together. I can think of few, if not any, civilizations that sprang up without a religion to bind their people towards a common goal for the betterment of man. Even when young civilizations died and our modern countries began to form, those that were colonizing, conquering, and expanding were rampant with religious ideas (England, France, ect). The reason these nations wanted to expand was so that they could expand their faith to people of other lands, therefore spreading the faith (Christianity in those cases).

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