Would the world be a better place if people never responded to words with physical violence?

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • Generally I would say yes

    You could make an exception for when the words logically indicate that the person is about to physically attack you or others you are protecting and when there is no other reasonable way out of the confrontation. But generally it's better if people don't respond to words with violence. Using violence to solve problems unless absolutely necessary is primitive and outdated. Be civilized.

  • I am pretty sure it would

    Wow, imagine a world without wars, violence, murder, rape, shooting and so one. Of course it would be a better place. People could focus on bring the world forward with science and technology and developing the human race with arts and literature. If this ever happens to the world I would love to be around to be a part of it.

  • Shades of grey

    I believe we should always use words first but sometimes a little violence can prevent a much greater evil. Violence can mean anything from murder to a slap in the face. And Good slap in the face could be just the right motivation for a person to not do something stupid. Like, hey man I'm gonna rob that lady, *slap*.

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