Would the world be a better place without graffiti?

  • Artists do not have the right to decide what everyone else has to see everyday in their daily life.

    Graffiti is art, however people are more inclined to abuse it then the make a worthwhile work of art. The most common graffiti is crude sexual images and phrases being used as an outlet for anger and personal satisfaction or simply to mark territory; as it is made as a public art, you need to consider the public who will have the final say in whether it stays or not. Some do respect this, but as such an accessible medium it is more likely to be abused then brought out to ifs fullest potential. More over well know graffiti artists often have their work defaced by someone else who whats that moment of fame and sense of satisfaction.

  • Property owners can "decorate" their buildings if they choose.

    When you go to an art district and the property owners have commissioned artists to paint the buildings, that's cool. However, 90% of graffiti is crap. It's people's initials, untalented scribbling and mexican gang trash. If someone spray paints property that they don't own, without permission, they should be caned like that loser in Singapore, michael fay.

  • Graffiti is art.

    I believe that graffiti is art. I see no difference between well done
    graffiti mural and a painting by Picasso.
    I don’t know why there aren’t more famous graffiti artists. Perhaps it is because it is considered a crime
    and associated with Hip Hop. I believe
    that the world would be a lot more boring without graffiti.

  • We are already brainwashed with advertisement.

    Yes, graffiti is illegal when done on property you don't own or are not given permission to do so, but I would prefer somebody expressing their mind genuinely, rather than being mind-raped by billboards and advertisements trying to persuade everybody to buy their product. Society today is full of persuasion and manipulation. Is that really any better than somebody expressing themselves illegally on public or private property. I don't think this applies to messages about bigotry or hate, however.

  • The world would not be a better place without graffiti.

    The world would not be a better place without graffiti. Graffiti is just a way for artists to express themselves publicly. Without that medium, many artists would be hard pressed to find some thing that fills their artistic need like graffiti does. Even though it some times has negative meanings, graffiti is often good.

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