Would the world be a better place without humans?

Asked by: apoyo
  • Is the world really better with humans?

    We humans destroy this world, this place would be better off without us. We pollute the air, destroy highly forested areas, we destroy habitats for building areas, and global warming is because of us. If it were up to me, I would go to Russia, get infected by the small pox that they hold, and run around hugging people to get them infected screaming "HUG OF DEATH" I know what you're thinking, "what about a vaccine can't we use that?" No. The Small Pox in Russia is immune to the immunity we have. So we would all die.

  • Man is a cataclysmic extinction causer and damaging to Earths ecosystem

    Our success has come at a heavy price on the world's ecosystem. Many animals have, and are going to extinct because of us. Many can't compete with us and are dying. We are destroying forests, polluting lakes and rivers, taking up natural resources, farming animals for slaughter, keeping animals in captivity, testing on animals, killing animals for sport, introducing diseases like Myxomatosis, introducing species to other countries devastating the native wildlife, using pesticide and other toxic chemicals, tampering with genetics (eg GM crops and Africanized Killer bees), dropping atomic bombs and building unstable power generators that can leak radiation into the atmosphere, exploiting animals for entertainment (eg bullfighting, cockfighting, Roman Gladiatorial tournaments, and racing), hunting to extinction (eg Mammoth, Dodo), creating dams and irrigation which tampers with the natural course of flowing rivers, causing of global warming and smog which is melting the ice caps (affecting animals like the polar bear), drilling up and leaking oil which spills in the seas covering animals like sea gulls and seals, mining and fracking, creating non-biodegradable plastics that won't rot until a thousand years and littering man-made rubbish, using up non-renewable resources like fossil fuels, ect. The things we have done can never be reversed.

    Man is basically other animals worse nightmare. Worst thing is, we are a growing population so our effects on the environment and ecosystems will accelerate and continue to get worse. We need more land for food, water, and housing. We are bad for the diversity of the world, otherwise inhabited by more different animals and a healthier mix of species.

  • Yes it would.

    Humans have caused the extinction of hundreds of thousands of species, have burned down thousands of acres of good forests, and have caused atmospheric heating, which will eventually lead to the flooding of thousands of acres of land. It is the undeniable truth: Humanity is ruining this planet with fuels and chemicals.

  • Yes yes yes

    Sad to say humans destroyed this world.... We are killing species with pollution and hunting. We start wars and destroy mountains and jungles. We take the worlds natural resources and make dams in rivers. If no humans existed then the world would be a much more beautiful place. Too bad we couldn't control ourselves....

  • Yes it would

    Biospheres would have a more functionally sound food chain, but since the earth has us in it we would most notably never know just have hypothesised imaginary conclusions to our cognitive disposition of us beinghere so, its a toss up, so i go for yes it would be more better

  • 100% yes all the way!

    Ever since we evolved, We have been destroying environments, Polluting places, And killing animals, Nowadays just for our own selfish pleasure. Humans are, And will be, All life's extinction, Including our own. That's also due to the fact that we destroy each other. Human wars have turned paradise into hell. We must be EXTERMINATED!

  • Yes, Humans are a type of virus that consume everything and leave poison, Violence, Death and nightmare.

    Yes, Humans are a type of virus that consume everything and leave poison, Violence, Death and nightmare.
    World would be definitely and incredibly beautiful without humans.
    Less population would be certain way to make way for peaceful Earth.
    More population is definitely the most important factor in earth's destruction.

  • Humans are a disease to earth and natural world.

    Human consume all things good and only generate negative by products returning to earth. Human consume everything but nothing consumes us so there is no balance.
    Human reproduces like vermins, All in the name of taxes and economic growth. Without though and balance to the natural world.

    Factual development on cities clearing primary forests making way to more roads and buildings to accomodate more human vermins. Wild animals are driven from their natural homes and enter cities where they are deemed to be a danger to humans. Rubbish.

    No reason would a wild boar enter a town and go shopping, Except that human vermins have destroyed their homes.

    Please have more decency to let the wild animals have the very little space left. Humans are a danger to animals and the natural world.

  • It’d be better off without us

    I say that the world be better off without us humans. I believe due to how much trouble there is nowadays . I mean so many animals are extinct due to us! Really we could have ate fruits or vegetables that came out from the ground or grew on trees. We are using up all the natural resources, we’re running out of non-reusable resources like fossil fuel, but yet here we are thinking we’re doing good. I mean there is good out there but at this point it’s kind of late. Elephants, giraffes, and more animals are now going extinct and joining other extinct animals as animals that were killed out of existence by humans

  • Yes, because we destroy the world

    I say this because we have pollution everywhere. And without us things could grow and have life. The animals wouldn't be safe and wouldn't be captured in zoos. I think that if humans were all gone our world would be much cleaner and prettier than what we make it look like now.

  • It would not

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  • No it wouldnt

    Humans are the only species that would be able to stop an asteroid destroying the earth, so without us everyone other species would die, humans might cause pollution and deforestation but without us there would be nothing left on earth, we are earths only hope of a more permanent survival

  • The Concept of "Better" Only Exists Because of Humans

    Without humans, there would be no concept of better, and this question would have no meaning. Without a specific definition of better, this is a useless question. Any qualities listed are merely arbitrary. This is a poor way to look at the differences in my opinion. We can talk about what earth might be like if the human species was to go extinct, but to try to qualify an event based on subjective opinion seems a waste of time to me.

  • It's always the same.

    "Good" and "bad" are subjective. Objectively, the world is as "good" or "bad" as it was since the beginning and always will be.
    And without humans, there would probably be nobody left to appreciate how "good" earth would be, nor anybody to be sad about how "bad" it had become.

  • Better for who?

    In general, I'm pretty sure the world would be "healthier" without our pollution and other harmful effects, but that doesn't necessarily constitute "better". There's many animals and plants that exists thanks to human intervention, like farm and domesticated animals and many different forms of plants that we use for food. Most of those would die off without us, for a number of reasons. So for those things and particularly us, it would not be a better place.

  • Just imagine:what would be like if another species evolved after us?

    If another species of animal became setient,would he really a better specie? Would he really take good care of the planet?People always say that humans are self-destuctive,egocentric and etc...And we are,but look upon your pets,would it really be different if they took our place?They kill for survival just like we did a long time ago,they copulate whit their own family relatives,they kill their own family relatives if necessary ,they steal food from themselves,but why?Because is their nature.And nature is a thing we all have but people doenst accept the fact that humans have the very same nature that animals have,they want us to be perfect "machines".We see ourselves as illumanated beings coming from the heavens.But the truth is,we are animals...But that doenst mean this is bad.

    And about the global warming there are plenty of proof,saying that the world destroys itself alone so who's to blame?

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