Would the world be a better place without religion?

  • It would be

    Think for a second. There would be many more people in the world. If there was no religion, WWII would pretty much not have happened with the Germans. The pilgrims came here because they were being forced to follow another religion and then years later the independence war happened. Also 9/11 never would have happened and ISIS would not be killing so many people.

  • Yes it would

    Yes, it would be better, there would be much less war and hatred, loads of things damaged by Religion Wars (like 911) would never have happened, think about it, loads of nationalities would like eachother and not hate on eachother. Issues like preventing gay marriage would not exist, the world would be much better.

  • Religion is man made, it is mostly for money and power over the people

    Religion is few people (greedy) Start the group. It has wnt out of control.
    Religion in other words is to control people and get power. Religion promoting religion. They believe that god has created us. That is far from that. What they called god. No one has seen god nor heard him speak.
    How can any claim that there is god yet can not prove it.
    There is no freedom in religion. Religion is like dictator. Few top people control other people. They threaten people if they do not worship god they wil be in hell.
    Hell or heaven no one has seen. Many claim that god is sitting on throne and watching every one. I have not seen till today that god has interfere with any disaster. There is no reason to believe that there is god

  • Yes and No

    Religion is nothing more than ideas/rules set by crazy men at a time when most people were quite stupid and believed it, people then started teaching their children who think whatever their parents tell them must be true.

    A fantasy to help people feel safe (there is a god/angle watching you and he loves you all), and to keep them inline (do no evil or spend an eternity in hell), and as a crutch (just ask god for forgiveness and he shall grant it), and an excuse (everything has a purpose, god has a plan set for each and every one of us, so all my actions are the result of gods will)

    It's all a bunch of crap and people need to wake up, there is no being of any sort floating in the sky, we are not the center of the universe.. We are just tiny bacteria on one out of possibly an infinite number of planets in an ocean of possibly infinite size, and we think way too highly of ourselves.

    I find it silly that so many people can believe in something so bizarre as some of the things pointed out these religions, a virgin giving birth "yeah right... Someone got inside her one way or another.", a man parting a sea, another turning water into wine "sure I guess, add some grapes and wait awhile", and whatever other nonsense they would have you believe.

    Tales that do not belong in this day and age.

    IMO the world would be a better place without religion for me, because I wouldn't have to listen to so many people talking about fairy tales as if it was fact all the time.

    On the other hand, the world would be a very different place without religion, and most likely not for the better.. People would have no feel of getting into hell, or being blocked from heaven, there would be no laws since most of the big ones come from religion, everyone would be fighting everyone and it would be survival of the fittest.... Just as nature intended, we are animals after all.

    What we really need, is a kind of global religion.. Everyone under one roof, with one belief.... ( What you can prove to be true is true. What you can't prove to be true may still be true unless proven false, but should not be acted upon as if it were true ) basically science and knowledge, in the end the survival of not only the world, but also humans as a species will depend upon it, religion or no religion.. One day eventually this planet will die, we are killing it through industry and pollution, there are many more of us each year adding to a constantly increasing pile of crap that is going to choke the life out of everything.

    Through science and knowledge we can reverse these effects and make the planet much healthier. Possibly even seed new planets to ensure future survival.

  • YES

    Yes, the world would be a better place without religion.

    One such example is Islam 800->1100AD . Did you know that 2/3rds of the constellation star names are Arabic? Or that the word 'algebra' and 'algorithm' are Arabic. Or that our numerals are Arabic numerals? Islam during this period was once an open intellectual center of the world in mathematics, engineering, medicine and it was all happening in Baghdad. And all the aforementioned advances in mathematics and astronomy (algebra, constellation discovery) are all traceable to this 300 year period. Free flowing and exchanging of open ideas among Jews, Christians, Atheists, ectetera took place. It was like a modern day Berkeley or New York, for example.

    Then something happened in the 12 century. A scholar by the name of Imam Hamid al-Ghazali became quite influential with his religious ideas. What are examples of such ideas? That mathematics is the work of the devil. His works were translated and reproduced throughout the area at a rate rivaling the printing press of today. His religious influence sparked the collapse of their intellectual period and to this day Islam has not recovered.

    It happened before and it can happen again.

  • Of course it will

    Religion has always been a shield for believers to hide behind. They think that God will help them, provide and care for them. Nothing is indestructible, any shield, no matter how large or strong, must come down. Stop cowering behind this false sense of religion, grow up and face the world head-on.

  • Mixed feelings about this one...

    I don't believe in any God/superior being. I don't like the fact that someone is better than the human race in every single way possible. But I can see why others believe in this thing. It can give senses of hope if tough times through out peoples lives. When my family lost my Grandma, the majority of my family turned Christian, but I didn't understand why? She was dead, and I obviously was upset, but I didn't understand why people turned Christian? I completely dislike the view of religion.

    However, Albert Einstein said " Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.". I actually believe that this quotation is accurate. They balance each other out. It's like a non-overlapping magisteria; both types of methods answer any question ever asked, but they can't answer each others.

    But primarily, I believe that religion is holding back science through religiously, ethical opinions and rules. Without these rules and regulations, society can achieve a lot more through scientific research. Take, for example, if there was a possibility of finding a cure for cancer, aids, HIV or any other serious illness; but you had to kill 1000 people to find this said cure, religious people would say that's wrong because you're killing 1000 people. "Do not kill" - Ten Commandments. "Those who act cruelly and unjustly in the sacred lands, those who yearn for the ways of the ignorant and those who wrongly shed human blood." (Reported in Bukhari). Many other religions say it's wrong. But, you're killing 1000 to save the lives of many more. Without religion, we could commence in this experiment without having religious people protesting about these acts. Obviously, not many people will be in line, waiting to die, and I'm sure their families wouldn't want that either, but over years, when people die, we could use those bodies. But with religious people, this couldn't happen.

    Anyway, I was ranting on a bit there. Thank you for reading and I hope you take my opinion into account. Also, feel free to comment and argue against my opinion, I don't mind. - Matthew Bentley, 16

  • Holding us back

    In the past, religion has held people back from achieving great things that would benefit mankind. This still happens today. Without religion, the world would be a much less ignorant place and people would learn to accept truths. The world would be a much safer place to live. No bigotry or hatred or wars concerning religion.

  • Religion makes you fear science

    Let's face it. Throughout history, science has always proved religion wrong. "Heaven is in the sky!" Discover the universe. "God created the planets and all existence!" That was the Big Bang. "God created the Big Bang!" Time didn't exist before the Big Bang, so how could any entity have created it? Plus, If half the planet was figuring out ways to make life better for us as human beings instead of waiting for a dead guy who happened to be nice to magically appear out of the sky and take you wherever you think you might be going, we would have fixed world hunger by now! And don't get me started on violence. Let me put some key words in for you: Conquistador. Crusades. 9/11. You can't escape it, even today. So yeah, the world would be better off without religion.

  • Religion is used to "justify" atrocities and warfare, slows progress.

    A world without religion would not be a world without evil, but there would for sure be less evil. From my knowledge of history, I can say that 85-95% of all wars ever fought were directly or indirectly over religion, including WWII and the current and former post-9/11 middle eastern wars. Not only has it been used to justified many wars, but it also was used to justify 246 years of slavery and 99 years of segregating Blacks in the United States, the Holocaust, the genocide of Native Americans, the current genocide in Darfur, most of current terrorist attacks, burning 20 people alive ("witches") in Salem, MA in the 1600's, the Crusades the list goes on and on. Religion also seems to slow the progress of society (it slowed gay rights, freedom of speech on television, freedom of music, for a long time slowed medical progress, slowed women's rights, slowed and still slows black rights, ect.) society would be more advanced without religion, especially the Middle East which has made little progress since the 1400's due to Islam. Finally, the least religious countries tend to have the lowest rates of violent crime, are very educated, and have lower rates of poverty and corruption compared to more religious nations which tend to have much higher rates of violent crime and corruption. Overall, the world would be much better but still not perfect without religion.

  • No it wouldn't

    I'm not going to say that Religion has made its mistakes, but you people must see, it isn't the religion. It's the people that warp the beliefs of another, using it in a manipulative sense, is what makes the world so evil sometimes. So, the question should be "Would the World be a better place without the men who control religion?" Yeah, people can bring up that Crusade and Reformation bull crap, but Non-religious places have gotten their hands dirty too. How about the Soviet Union, which was almost entirely Atheist. Practically slaughtered their own people. Plus,religion has inspired men to do good as well, not just evil. People against religion always seem to forget about the good it has done, and instead focus on just the bad. Religion can unite men under one cause, lay down Morales that we still think of today, lay down roots for society, and is the ultimate source of Hope. You take that away, and what do we live for? Why is it so wrong to believe in something larger than ourselves? Why? Just because their beliefs seem ridiculous to you doesn't mean you can bash them for it. Religion can be a bit violent sometimes, but it gets worse when people instigate. You end up getting more than you bargained for.

    Posted by: O.Z
  • Non-religious stares are not nice places to live in

    The Soviet Union, Communist China, North Korea and Vietnam where terrible places to live and the state was openly anti religion. Religion is like a anchor to a ship it keeps the state from doing whatever they want to achieve their goals. To those that say Yes can you justify the statement "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights" without mention religion or God?

  • People will do terrible things whether they are religious or not.

    Most of the atrocities people blame religion for (crusades, inquisition, 9/11, racism, etc) happened IN SPITE of religion. Religion was improperly used as a tool to commit these actions; the faiths themselves are not to blame. Saying religion is evil because it is used by Afghan extremists to convince children to strap bombs to their chests is like saying a hammer is evil because it was used to beat someone to death. Man is naturally aggressive- had religion never existed people would have still committed terrible crimes against humanity, but under secular ideology. Of course, some faiths encourage violence, but not all of them. Religion is not inherently bad.
    Another argument against religion is that it slows down scientific progress. This is far from the truth. The Bible and The Q'ran, to give two examples, were never meant to be taken literally. Because of this, science and religion are not inherently contradictory; it is possible to accept both science and religion. However, many people of faith have forgotten this and believe their holy books contain the history of the world as it actually happened, which the writers of the books never intended them to do. Religion is not at fault here. People are at fault for misunderstanding their faiths.
    People's natural ignorance, urges, and desires are the true causes of the world's problems, not religion. If religion were to cease to exist, people would still be bigoted, intolerant, and illogical. Again, terrible things happen in spite of religion, not because of it. People only use it as a tool to accomplish their evil goals or justify their ignorance. If it is gotten rid of, people will find or make other tools.

  • Religion has advanced civilization

    Religion has advanced society. Most religions have laws that command people to do good and encourage peace. Even the more violent religions have advanced society. Muslims made algebra, brought medical advances, and even shaped how we write numbers today. The Catholic Church brought us universities, medical advances, and even the printing press so more people can read than ever before.

  • Guidance & Leadership

    With out Religion, the world would be in chaos because if there were no religion, there would be nothing to guide people killing each other. One of the 10 commandments state that thou shall not kill and if there was no religion, there would be more killing and more war.

  • Religions were the first form of government.

    You read the Things Fall Apart, an African novel. You will see that the African Tribes didn't have any form of government or scientific revolution but there was harmony and order. These Africans managed to have order and peace through religion, it were the priests that policing and enforcing the laws of morality on criminals. Religious belief held these people together in harmony, they lived happily until Europeans came.
    The crime rate is significantly low, thanks to religion although there is no government around.

  • It would be different, but not necessarily better

    I think religion and science are not that dis-similar. Religion is based on faith, science on theory. Both perhaps equally unknown. A lot of people have died at the hands of religion but so have people at the hands of science. This is not however an argument about science and religion, but I do believe that religion has perhaps held back science, but I don't think it has made the world any worse for it. I drive a fossil fuel burning car and I love it. If religion didn't exist perhaps I'd be flying a hover car or even a space ship. Would I like the experience even more? Maybe

  • It would not

    The human race is very violent, if we weren't killing each other over religion then it would be race and if not that then ethnicity or creed, sexual preference, eye color, hair color, or any other reason that you can think of. If there where only two people left on planet earth, eventually one would want the other dead. In the scene of instigating violence, it doesn't matter. Not to mention, since religion has lost a great deal of relevance, has society improved? We have STDs in epidemic proportions, the legal murder of unborn children and all other manners of debauchery. Are we really better off now then we where 50 years ago?

  • No it wouldn't

    Even though it can get a bit violent sometimes its not the religions fault its some stupid people using god as an excuse to kill or get revenge. Just because some idiots bend the rules and tell people that they can't do this because god said doesn't mean that their right however if people want to follow those different rules then fine let them its when people are forced to believe in god or follow certain rule when people mistake religion as the problem anyway religion makes the world diverse and interesting without it we wouldn't have the temples in Thailand or the pyramids in Egypt so even though there plenty of things bad that comes with religion maybe instead of blaming religion you should blame the idiots controlling it

  • No the world would not be a better place without religion

    Our country was built on religion. Societies need something to worship, believe it or not. The only reason as to why people do believe that the world would be a better place is because with religion comes boundaries, and the "social norm" is changing and anything that has boundaries and someones pleasure is not being gratified they feel as if things should change.

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