Would the world be better off if the british empire returned in a sort of federalised commonwealth.

Asked by: sol96
  • Unity, civilization, and power.

    I purpose an alternate to the European Union. Imagine if we could raise another empire. The commonwealth federating, crating an imperial free trade zone between all members, united military force, free moment of move and trade between them. We could bring peace to those islands and African nations who wished to join the empire. A British Imperial trade network would create the worlds 4th largest economy.

  • The Sun Shall Never Set

    It would be good to see the empire back (technically still is) as most of its former colonies are in extreme poverty and would be beneficial for both of them as the UK would be number 1 again and its colonies would not be dying of starvation or from a dictatorship.

  • Very unstable right now

    This idea would hit many birds with a single stone. The ex-British colonies that are economically developed, Such as India Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and maybe Hong Kong (although i doubt Hong Kong because its mostly under communist law) would get military protection from the other members whilst less developed members would vastly benefit from the trade and not having to worry about the frequent civil wars in Africa (because the trade, Military strength ect. There would be an assembly in every country in the federation (i would love it to be called "THE NEW FEDERISED EMPIRE") this way every country would have representation in the assembly (parliament lets call it). Every country will have something to be proud about and to celebrate. All the nations will be unified by one thing in common. . . THE QUEEN

  • Strong and powerful, However unlikely.

    One would have to be a damn near fool to not see the benefits of a Federated commonwealth of CANZUK nations. Massive population, Fairly good technology, Very liberal laws comparatively and the potential for even greater growth. It could be what the EU dreamt it was but also could be better, Learning from European mistakes. That said, The likelihood of such a federation is slim, With nations most likely unwanting to give up degrees of sovereignty for a greater goal.

  • THIS empire CAN conquer the solar system

    The majority of countries that are in the British commonwealth of Nations are amongst the most influential nations on the planet just look at Australia, India ,Egypt, all the islands in the Atlantic ocean, the Caribbean sea, hong Kong and finally Singapore with those nations working towards singular goal such as making Delhi BREATH again or making an army that can stand up to anything that's thrown at it or perhaps even replacing it with a drone army that can't be hacked reasoned or even negotiated with, now all these things are okey ideas but the IDEA I propose is we unify all the different aspects of our space based assets such as the UK space agency and the indian space program and combine our strengths to make a company harvest and use asteroids to start another industrial Revolution on an entirely different scale and with that said we could then gather water particles from said asteroids to lubricate machines in space to create space made components and hardware then finally make a space factory once that is built we will dominate this insignificant speck of dust and start colonizing the rest of the solar system and perhaps even terraforming them to sustain human life and thus make Britains position in the solar system unassailable plus 25% of the worlds population will be populating the rest of the solar system making it the best chance for humankind Britishkind to survive any cataclysmic event that may destroy all life on earth or any other planet for that matter.

  • Bring back the Real Britain

    I am British and I say yes. The world was at peace when Britain ruled. So if it returned, the world would know real peace. !Show the Americans how to run the world correctly. The North Koreans would never dare to mess with us like they do with the USA. Bring back the glory of the homeland

  • We need a strong Britain in the world right now

    Many countries that gained independence from Britain fell under a form of dictatorship (e.G. Uganda, Zimbabwe and Burma) whilst under British rule they enjoyed many freedoms. When South Africa still had the policy of Apartheid, Britain tried to step in and South Africa reacted by leaving the Commonwealth. Afterwards the Apartheid laws got worse and the situation spiraled out of control. The former territories of empire would have got a lot more social, economic and infrastructural development within the empire. Hospitals, schools, roads and modern suburban housing would have sprung up in what is now some of the poorest countries in the world. The guiding hand of British Empire would never allowed a tyrant to rise up or a corrupt official to hold an office.

  • I don't see why not?

    It sort of did work back in the 1800's and 1900's, so I don't see why it wouldn't work today, especially with the fact that after the Irish gained independence they still willingly stayed apart of the British Empire.

    Sure the Empire did have some flaws, and is impractical for a Empire to return especially with the official statement from the United Nations, declaring Empires to no longer exist anymore, due to previous historical conflicts. (Eg. German Reich Vs USSR & Kingdom of France Vs Great Britain)

  • This power can challenge america, china and russia

    The British empire made Britain and its colonies far stronger and more economically stable than the other empires in Europe, only the British empire survives (sort of) and we as Britain are too dependent on the EU and America and so if we break free of being a second status power and become a superpower we can challenge anything america, china, Russia and the EU can do. Brexit is an opportunity for Britain to rule the world again and no military power shall stop us again and nobody can bully us to weaken us, especially USA and Russia.

  • Impoverish areas would be much better off.

    Since the British got out of Africa and other colonies, the nations they relased have struggled with extreme poverty, cruel dictatorships, and violent revolutions. Many former colonies have proven themselves that they have incompetence leaders and can't survive on there own. A reunified British Empire that annexed many former African colonies and areas like Yemen, Papua new Giuna and others could finally have the chance to be strong, flourishing areas, and the British could finally regain economic, and military power they once had.

  • It simply wouldnt work


  • It doesn't make sense

    We can't have one world power, different areas of the world have different needs. And why would we choose Britain? It's a tiny island nation with only 60 million people. It doesn't make sense for them to rule the world. We have the UN. Thats the only amount of worldwide power we need.

  • Empires are outdated

    As the title says. Such a creation of an empire also could not be possible. Not to mention the Commonwealth already does exist. This is an unrealistic idea that simply cannot work and as I say, it would not be possible to erect an empire, as an empire involves conquering countries and forcing them to join against their will. If Britain attempted such a move, it could start World War 3...

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