• Birth Rates Must Be Controlled

    The world health organisation recently released a report on climate change, Showing the critical status of the earth. If we do not do something to help the earth, Then we are all headed for trouble. It even already be too late. Of course, The main problem stems from overpopulation. More people means more demand for resources and modern luxuries. This causes major producers like China to pump more poisonous chemicals into the air and water, While not thinking about the effect on future generations. In conclusion, I do believe that the world would be better off with less humans. However, A max expulsion is not legally possible.

  • I think it will be better for the world to have less people

    1st of anyone who thinks the world wouldn't be better with less people is an idiot, like do u not see how destructive humans have been and the extinction of animals us humans have caused, The pollution we have caused The amount of resources every human on this planet uses. Face it we would have less economic problems to if we had less of us

  • It's about quality of life

    Sure, we could continue to spread out beyond city centers and direct our resources to make deserts green enough too grow food, but the result would be that will eventually outstrip the planet's ability to recover from this level of depletion of water and the pollution created simply by the way we occupy the land. Georgia Guidestones....

  • For more people only one thing comes to my mind=more money to big companies

    Of course in nature species wants to breed, but if we look to western countries, people have 1-2 kids or 0, only in poor countries 5+ kids in family. So basically we need smth better than democracy, not sure what it is, but i like smth like scandinavia, just it must be based not on consumption

  • Only people with poor fore sight

    Will believe that we can keep reproducing we need to slow down or we will suffer alot less food and water will be available and the value of human life will be worthless there will be big wars and billions will die. Now It is up to you to decide quality over quantity

  • Less people now

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  • Social Procreation Suicide

    Scarcity leads to suffering. Suffering is do to resource pressure caused by overpopulation. If we can control or license child birth, we could avoid many future problems, due to our finite planet and it's finite resources. The lowered and controlled population levels would live a higher quality of life than any previous generation, and everyone could have the choice of having a limited number of children, and perhaps having none at all, in which case, licenses could be got by lottery prospective parents could apply for. The alternative is resource depletion and death.

  • Elimination of Undesirables

    There are many individuals that contribute nothing or little to society. I am talking about drug addicts, criminals, uneducated, food stamp using, type of individuals. There are people that exhaust resources that they do not even deserve. At the end of the day the intelligent ones are the ones who suffer which are tax paying law-abiding citizens. We need to sterilize, those individuals that add to the population without contributing. Natural selection is working against us the wrong people are having babies.

  • We are suffocating ourselves to extinction

    Too many people fail to understand the basic science of carrying capacity. Resources can only replenish so quickly, but the problem is our rate of reproduction is too much higher than the rate at which our resources can replenish. Human rights are at stake because with a higher population, we lose more freedom to support the greater amount of people. The problem is simple, humans, like many other animals, have a superiority complex that makes us think the Earth will tend to our every whim, and that only what we want matters. But these people fail to recognize that everything is connected, if we screw up the environment then we too are screwed.

  • Limited resources to the world

    Face it we need less people. Most families have 2 of more kids and scientists are finding out ways to live longer at this rate we wit have an increase of a million people daily. What can you do you ask? Well how about not have kids when you grow up if it is already too late then teach your kids about over population and have them have 2 kids or less because it takes 2 to have a baby. We need less people.

  • Let the world die when it's time

    God does not state in the Bible that there is a limited amount of people that can live on the world. The Earth is just like us humans. We die when out time comes, the time when God decides what is wrong or right. Therefore, the Earth will hold as many people as it can, with us people treating it as we would like to be treated;no littering,no pollution,more recycling,etc.

  • Declining population = Economic stress

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Social Security Administration, Guttmacher Institute, and National Center for Health Statistics, if abortion had never been legalized in 1973, more than 17 million people would be employed, resulting in an additional $400 billion from those workers, with $11 billion contributed to Medicare and $47 million contributed to Social Security. Although it is important to also reduce government spending, these added incomes would nevertheless help the country.

    It doesn’t take a world-renowned economist to figure out that when you’re decreasing the youth from abortion and with all the baby-boomers retiring, Social Security is going to eventually run out if we continue with abortions and the amount of spending by the federal government. Even though Social Security cannot last forever with the amount of federal spending today, not having abortion would help Social Security last longer, assuming that the amount of federal spending is the same.

    In population studies, at least 2.1 kids per household are needed to maintain stable population. The average number of kids per household today is about 2.0 in this country, which isn’t even meeting the replacement level of 2.1 needed to maintain the population for future generations to come. The slow growth in the United States population seen in recent years is due to immigration and people living longer.

    This a problem not only in America, but also around the world, especially for many countries in Europe that have even fewer children per household. During the 1990s is when Europe found a sharp decline in birth rates, with Southern and Eastern Europe’s plummeting below 1.3 kids per household. Worldwide, birthrates have decreased from 6.0 in 1972 to about 2.9 nowadays.

  • Having too many people in the world is not a bad thing!

    If there's only a few people in the world there will be not that many answers to most things . Having too many people is not a bad thing even though lots of people think it is. Well it's not a bad thing actually! So think again to this question!

  • The world would be better off with less fear.

    The number of people in the world is not the problem, its the number of people that are consumed with fear that causes them to hate, conquer, kill, enslave, and oppress others trying to maintain their own survival. The earth has enough energy, water, land, and resources for all the humans that it can hold. It is fear that causes the greedy to hoard it, control it, and then sell it for profit. Many civilizations, empires, and tribes have come and gone. Natural selection, survival of the fittest, and fate will keep the world and its people in balance until the earth is no more.

  • Less inconsiderate people but not less people

    The world can survive with the amount of people on it and then some. There is no reason to think that the world needs less people on it to make it better off. What the world needs is less inconsiderate people and more good people with good morals and values. If everyone cared for each other then the world would be better off.

    Posted by: jus
  • No more, no less

    I feel like the world is currently at a good number of people. It is amazing to realize that, with all the people being born in the world, there are so many that have such brilliant ideas and creating an evolution of mankind through their brilliance. Despite the fact that we have overcrowding and difficulty supplying food, I feel that people being born have such a great potential for creating such wonderful things in the world- art, technology, etc. that would not be there had they not been born.

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fingreagh says2013-06-20T22:41:20.473
Natural disasters will sort out over population....Like the Irish famine, and nowadays there are severe famines in many poor parts of the world, that we all know about. And are doing nothing to help.Rotting bodies and excrement will kill off surplus people, as will respiratory infections and Std's etc.
New drugs may be ineffective
Anonymous says2013-07-23T18:53:23.213
There are too many issues (freshwater, sanitation, food, energy, materials, politics, religion) to really know what the future will be like. All i know is that as long as there has been space and resources people tend to be peaceful, but once space (and resources) becomes limited people tend to get a bit hot under the collar