Would their be less prisoners if drugs did not exist?

Asked by: hect
  • "did not exist"!!!!

    I am not talking about if drugs were not illegal. I am not talking about laws. I am talking about if drugs, as hect stated, "DID NOT EXIST". I say yes. If there was no such thing as drugs, then there would be no such thing as illegal drug selling or people doing illegal things while high.

  • There would be less things that limit self-control

    Drugs have become such a humungous issue like I truly knew not of until a few years ago when I read that 70% of the population try drugs at least once. I was assuming that it was talking about illegal drugs, but then someone told me it also involved those who abused prescription drugs and those who drank alcoholic drinks and/or smoked. I am also against alcoholic consumption as well as smoking. Then, on the internet I read that it really is 36% of the population try illegal drugs at least once. That is still a lot. I wish that the polices and FBI would make a plan to make drugs become extinct as well as make bring those laboratories that make drugs to an extinction. It's like so many people are weak that they actually eventually take drugs. WHAT! This is insane! Even President Barack Obama and President Bill Clinton did illegal drugs at least once! This is horrible. Why do many people eventually do drugs due to saying that "Everybody does it." or due to the fact that they think that they're bored and that they want some fun? I wasn't ever invited drugs by anybody luckily. If anyone ever dares to invite me drugs, I would report it to the police immediately. It's my job as an Earth citizen to make sure that I can make a drug dealer to stop being a drug dealer if I can. They have no right whatsoever to be causing harm to others by selling such a deadly product. Period.

  • As a Cynic

    I'm afraid that if drugs did not exist or were fully legal, Governments and the Judicial system would find other ways and reasons to lock people up and keep the prison system brimming full. After all, what would all those lawyers, judges, police officers, parole officers, prison guards and for-profit private prisons do without a steady stream of clients? What would all of those thousands of poor out-of-work Lawyers and Judges do? Show some compassion people!

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