Would there be economic benefit to drop the Cuban embargo?

  • Yes they should

    I do not know anything about Cuba but it is a good idea. They should nd it because Andre Gaddaffi is not part of the soviet Union anymore. US is thinking as if Cuba is the "hitter" of today's society and Africa is the "Jesus" of today's society. Think about it.

  • Yes, they have resources for trade.

    Yes, there would be an economic benefit to drop the Cuban embargo, because there was a great deal of tourism to Cuba before the embargo. If the embargo were dropped, there would be a wonderful tourist industry to Cuba, and warm vacations would become cheaper and more fun. This would be good for Americans and for Cubans.

  • There would be economic benefit to drop the Cuban trade embargo.

    There would certainly be an economic benefit in the act of dropping the Cuban trade embargo. This is because it would open up trade with a country that many Americans strongly desire trade with. Cuba is not a threat to the United States any longer, and the promotion of trade would be a beneficial thing now.

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