Would there ever be enough evidence to refute religion?

Asked by: Wraydan82
  • Truth, Logic, and most importantly rational critical thinking!

    To refute religion is a common agreement amongst a wide majority of scholars, while it is not inherently correct by this assumption it can most surely be done. To say that we as people should believe (being the keyword in any sentence pertaining to religion) instead of know (the direct conclusion of scientific inquiry) is a laughable justice in the face of reason. Therefore it on these grounds that religion is now a receding memory that has served its days of glory and should conscript towards the days of truth and knowledge.

  • How would you expalin dinosaurs then, if you say God created humans to walk around at the beginning of Earth?

    Religion is a belief that gives people some hope and faith in the world, and can lead them to the light at the end of the tunnel. You cannot use science to argue against values and beliefs. However, you can use science to disprove many parts of religion, evolution being the key one. Charles Darwin discovered evolution in the 19th century, and evolution means that humans originated from primitive primate beings, and gradually adapted to the environment in order to live better. This fact disproves the Adam and Eve belief. Two normal, modern day human beings cannot just be dropped down on the Earth. And the Earth itself-trees and flowers aren't made from God's hands, according to science, they are made out of cells.

  • Science and religion are intended to give answers.

    Science by discovering and understanding
    religion by the absolute belief.

    Just compare the evolution of the two.

    For the religious, God is a person who has created an unchanging world with the Earth and humans at the center.
    For the scientist, Universe is god and has no conscience or individual will, without beginning or end or center.

    The scientist looks at the horizon and said that the Earth is round.
    Religious reads his Bible and said that the Earth is flat.
    The scientist went straight and returns through the other side, bringing food, he was able to prove.
    The religious is unhappy and sends the scientist on woodshed.

    The scientist looks at the man and animals, and says that man descended from monkeys.
    The religious says that God created man in His own image (which pretentious!)
    The scientist finds DNA and proves that man is an animal issued from evolution.
    Religious unhappy riddled the scientist with bullets.

    The scientist pointed its finger at the moon and said one day it will be possible to go there.
    The religious looks at the finger and provides that the sky is an image used to mask Jesus Paradise.
    The scientist created a rocket, but the religious steals it to throw bombs at his opponents.

    The scientist discovers viruses and vaccines and proves that it can save lives.
    The religious prohibit vaccines, condoms and raise wars to impose everyone that only praying make miracles.
    As a result, epidemics and famines still engulfing the world.

    One day, a little hairy religious rewrote science books,
    arguing that the universe has a beginning and an end, and that light is an absolute limit.
    I'll let you draw your conclusions ...

  • One day in the glorious future!

    Science is definately on the way to refuting religion. It might not be able to disprove God directly but it is well along the road of disproving the remaining aspects of religion which without the God idea becomes meaningless.

    This is especially true in the case of religions like Christianity and Islam with their books of lore. Once those myths have been effectively debunked with scientific reasoning all the rest falls apart. Science has already disproved creationism and and stuff like a world wide noahs flood its just a matter of time before we can prove that religion is a symptom of the human need for meaning, social unity and moral enforcement.

  • Unfortunately, I think not.

    Religion has proved over many years to be most evasive when contradictory evidence presents itself. What's more, when the evidence becomes overwhelming, the 'word of god' evolves to incorporate the very science it previously rejected. On top of this, the religious debaters such as William Lane Craig continue with advances to discredit proven science. Religion will never be refuted due to close mindedness sprinkled with a rather large dash of arrogance.

  • Religion is a part of human nature,.

    It is always changing adapting itself to wrap around whatever counters exist. Religions have their audiences who will never cease devotion, and no amount of proof can refute God in their eyes. Perhaps this is not wholly a bad thing. These people are so reliant on religion, they would likely suffer depression or worse without it. So it's not fully good, but people still want it. Like Netflix. I'll stick to Netflix.

  • Religion and Science are connected by man's thought processes

    In history as far back as the Greek civilizations, perhaps further. Man has always sought to explain reality and the question of our reason for being without a God. But religion has none the less flourished with many of those who explained it away without God becoming or leaving religion often at intervals, A recent example of this is Darwin, another Einstein. Yet, the religious rose to prominence through their weight of their ideologies as well. Mankind wars have been often about God and no God and secular forces fighting religious forces and one side persecuting another side... Yet both sides have had their moderates and dissenters from even time not rememberer.
    The Bibles statements about man's origins have been inaccurate
    but have the been completely wrong... No. Has science been completely right...No. Mankind's search for truth and religions search for God are one in the same. It is a search for how we a spec of a species in this universe fit into it, and where we go from here.
    Religion and science should not fight, they should come together accept who they are search for the truth together. Radicalism is barrier to that but most people are moderate and come to despise radicalism so that's a problem easily dealt with. Neither Religion or science will die and neither one should, they are both a part of us.
    Accept it and move on.

  • There has never been evidence to refute religion

    Humans are spiritual beings--souls--and that religion addresses their spirituality. Science cannot refute spirituality because science be definition is the study of the natural world, and by that definition is unable to advise on spirituality. Religion separates us from the animals and is part of what makes us "human" and is the beginning of a spiritual evolution.

  • Nope but not as believable

    God is an unfalsifiable hypothesis, and cannot be disproved ever. I feel like science will be way more believable, but I do not feel you can disprove an invisible deity. I feel science will finally get its shot after hanging people for being a flying magical witch. 50 words 50.

  • Science studies the natural world.

    Religion is about supernatural. Science can not disprove religion, as mathematics can not disprove geology, no matter how hard someone tries.
    They are so different that neither one can disprove the other, and there is also the fact that they are not mutually exclusive.
    Take an example: Evolution seems to be a controversial topic for people wanting to disprove religion. They forget that the concept of an all powerful God would perfectly explain it. Creation an ever changing universe is perfectly possible for a being able to do everything we can think of, and more.

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Anonymous says2013-09-22T14:42:44.810
There is no evidence to prove religion anyways, so how can science supposed to prove something that technically does not exist.
GWL-CPA says2013-09-23T01:25:08.163
You do not have to prove the negative. Atheists do not believe gods or God exists. They do not have to prove it or present any evidence.

If you believe in gods or God, the burden of proof is on you.

There is no way to prove gods or God exists based on observable evidence. Therefore, gods or God only exist in the imaginations of the believers.

The Christian Bible proves nothing. Therefore, there is plenty of evidence to refute religion based on the fact that believers can't present any verifiable evidence to prove it.

However, that will not stop believers from believing. They have been brainwashed with religious dogma for years, most since they were 4 or 5.

All religions and beliefs in gods, and God are based on faith.

The faithful are like sheep, they will follow blindly until they die; and, most likely they will go to their graves thinking that they are going to that fairyland called Heaven.