Would there have been protests if Michael Brown had been white?

Asked by: CitizenL
  • Yes but the reason would have been different

    If someone without being detained is shot 6 times anywhere in the civilized world,there would have been massive protests undoubtedly,but lets face it,it would have been a human rights violation protest,not anti racism protest.Also the colour of the shooter too would have been a big factor in the deciding of the reason why protests were taking place

  • It was still completely unjustified

    If a white kid had been shot six times by an officer when he was not being detained or arrested on suspicion of any crime, with witnesses claiming he was defenseless and not resisting, and subsequently left in the street in his own blood for hours there would still have been protests. The officer had no knowledge about the shoplifting that occurred right before the shooting, so there was no reason for the situation to happen as it did. And even if the officer did have knowledge of the incident, shoplifting does not justify murder! So yes, there certainly would have been some sort of unrest regardless of race. Maybe not as much, but there would have been some.

  • There would of been some, but not nearly as much protests if Michael Brown was white

    If Michael Brown was white, there still would of been some protests in Ferguson, Missouri. It is clear that Ferguson, Missouri is a predominantly black town. Not as many people would care and the white people seem to have a better way of controlling their anger and frustration while the black people, in this case at least, reacted by throwing tantrums and destroying the city. All in all this protesting would of went on but would not of been nearly the same if Michael Brown was white.

  • There would have been no protests if Michael Brown had been white.

    If Michael Brown had been white there would not have been any protests. These protesters would have said " he assaulted a police officer and got shot". There is no reason to make this a racial issue. Criminals come in all colors, religions, and both genders. Michael Brown was a criminal. There is footage of him assaulting a shopkeeper minutes before he was shot while assaulting a police officer. That is indisputable. The autopsy and crime scene evidence also prove that Michael Brown was not trying to surrender. So, face it, he was a criminal and ended up dead, a lot of them do.

  • No protest or coverage!?

    - Officer Trevis Austin shot and killed Gilbert Collar, a white, unarmed 18-year-old man who was under the influence of drugs. A Mobile County grand jury refused to bring charges against Officer Austin ... Critics also note there has been no rioting or sustained protest... Who would of thunk it?

  • There would not have been nearly as much protests.

    Even though there probably would have been protests over the killing of a white adolescent there would have been significantly less protests. The difference in the amount of protests themselves would be drastic enough that I can claim that there were little to no protests in comparison to the amount of protests if he was black.

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numberwang says2014-11-08T20:18:23.893
Ng. There are autospies that conclude he attacked the cop and one that says he didnt. Regardless, the protests would have occurred anyway since no one would know if he did or did not attack the cop until much later. All they would have known is that he was 17, unarmed, left in the street for four hours, and witnesses said he didnt resist. That is enough to cause protests.