Would things be easier if you were never born?

Asked by: 07scott
  • Easier? Yes. But I would not choose anything other than life.

    No responsibilities and no one to take care of, of course it would be easier. If you are nonexistent, you will not even be aware of what it is like to be alive, so you would not strive for life. However, the struggle of life is beautiful and it is what pushes human progression and societal development.

    Posted by: Bash
  • Yes sometime for some reasons I think this

    My life is a imperfection, It was human errors that lead to my birth personally. If I am able to prove there is no hell fire then it would be a incredible relief, then maybe that would be more of a reason to answer no.

    But then without th poison of religion, life is beautiful without religion I may have had answered this question no.

  • The Beauty of Life

    I do not think so. In my opinion everything happens for a reason, and we are all on this Earth to accomplish our goals. If things do not turn out well, keep trying, and one will eventually succeed. We are all here on this Earth for a reason, and the lives of those around us would not be the same if we weren't here. You would never meet that special someone, never accomplish something you always wanted to do, and you wouldn't be able to make your unique mark on this world if you weren't here. Life would not be easier if we weren't born, and we are here to live on this Earth and be happy.

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