• Call it "Dark Rain"/"Nordic rain" (the man in the picture, who played a racist twerp in that "Seinfeld" episode would be a perfect actor)

    It's basically about this guy who investigates a very violent and Satan-worshipping sect of the Ku Klux Klan who proclaims themselves as the Nordic council, wishing to restore Denmark's glorious empire in Greenland. The story starts off like this -- in 1965, in Arkansas, this very gang kills his family. And burns his farm, thus leaving them poor. This time it really hits personally when the gang kills his tomboy friend thus slitting her into two. This further enrages him and he embarks on a chase for the killer, who is the headmaster. He then finds him to deport him (on a plane ride) to Denmark. But there's one problem. Jim Crow (or Johansen in the movie) is so steep in Denmark's culture, that the authorities just let him go, and in something reminiscent of the Pharisees in the Bible, the society at larges treats them with contempt and hatred, in some cases calling his partner a Nazi (just for being German). The Spanish main character does wear a Nazi Italia t shirt just to annoy the residnts. As they go outside of Copenhagen into the countryside, there lurks other dangers. A vicious gang, one farmer, in something reminiscent of Jim Crow, unleashes the dogs on them. It's a very brutal, yet redeeming, story of hurting, revenge, redemption. The main leader of the Klan makes a deal with Satan (like "Passion of Christ"). There's more to it than this.

  • Is it supposed to be C-list?

    If you want to make up schlock fest that is so bad its enjoyable... Then sure.

    But honestly it sounds so goofy and convoluted that it couldn't really work. I don't think it could possibly succeed.
    Maybe if it was made in the style of Sharknado or Birdemic though it could work.

  • No, no, no.

    This sounds like every cult classic that has ever been made. It's like taking Assassin's Creed, The Dirty Streets of Heaven, Hellsing, and some other random historical fantasy movies/novels and throwing them in a box with some dynamite. Don't really see how it would be promising or interesting enough for anyone to watch.

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