• This country's full of white supremacy

    It doesn't matter how you look at the situation; DWB, racial profiling, boyz n the hood. Whatever the case non-whites are almost always prejudiced against. Yes Zimmerman wasn't completely white, but that doesn't deny that there was no racial profiling going on. The truth is he would've left Martin alone had he been white.

  • Zimmerman's prejudice was "racial they", not "age-based they."

    Had Trayvon Martin been a young white loiterer rather than a black one, it's unlikely that the remark would have been made, "they always get away..."

    Not to say that the vigilante-oriented stand-your-ground law cannot justify equally well the killing of white youth (or anyone) using an escape of self defense to justify it, and left alone, will drift in that direction, making subjective fear more important than objective standard in gun-toting laws passed.

    It is what the gun-toter felt that ruled the day, and justified everything in the court with the verdict delivered, increasing the danger for everyone. To place greater emphasis on the person with means to kill, and does, trivializes the importance of the person without the means to kill - social darwinism as a complete reality. That is a danger in any human interaction driven by attitudes.

  • Trayvon Martin would still be alive today

    First of all, I am not saying that George Zimmerman is racist. If anything, he isn't. But I do think that Trayvon Martin would be alive today if he was white. I believe this because according to a CBS News article, George Zimmerman said that there were always problems in the neighborhood, including break-ins and drug problems. He also said that many of the problems were caused by black kids, which Trayvon was. George Zimmerman must have thought that Trayvon was one of those types of children, and went to investigate. If Trayvon Martin was white, there could be a possibility that Trayvon would still be alive today.
    Rest in peace, Trayvon. We all love you.

  • White Man Would Not Have Committed a Crime

    I have to agree with Mr. Martin. If Trayvon were White, this would not have happened. If he were White, Trayvon probably would have walked home and avoided a conflict with Zimmerman. Instead, Trayvon was filled with Black Racism, Anger, and Hatred of the White Man, and Trayvon committed a crime. Trayvon called Zimmerman a racist name, punched his nose and pounded his head into the ground, leading to his own death.

  • Not from all existing evidence.

    The question of why Zimmerman followed Martin is irrelevant- though character evidence was certainly substantive that Zimmerman was in no way racist.
    The simple fact is that if Martin had not assaulted Zimmerman he would be alive. A person who shoots someone who is beating them into the pavement doesn't care what color his assailant is.

  • He would be alive if he didn't assault Zimmerman.

    All of Zimmerman's friends, neighbors, and co-workers explained that Zimmerman was NOT racist. His black friend, Joe Oliver, agreed. All reports show he wasn't racist.

    To pull a Race Card is offensive to the very nature of justice, reasoning, and the gathering of logical evidence.

    According to the injuries on Martin's knuckles and Zimmerman's face, we can conclude Martin had assaulted Zimmerman, as matches the testimony of numerous eyewitnesses.

    He did not profile the kid as black until the police asked. Everyone questioned, including Zimmerman's black friend, and even Trayvon's Grandmother, acknowledged that Zimmerman was not racist, nor did he shoot Trayvon for being black.

    Even if he was racist, the evidence shows he was assaulted, and self-defense is not voided over one's prejudice. If I were racist, and a black man assaulted me, I assure you I'm not defending myself because of his color.

    Do not pull Race Cards on a court trail. Racism is not illegal, nor is Self Defense.

  • Zimmerman profiled Trayvon

    Whether or not Zimmerman was attacked by Trayvon, Zimmerman would have never even came at Trayvon if he was white. The entire situation most likely would have never occurred. This is all impossible to prove but I think most would agree that racial profiling and a fear of the other black people Zimmerman may have been victimized by (if he was at all) provoked Zimmerman to assume Trayvon was a criminal.

  • I think it's a bit hard to see someone's color with your face in the pavement.

    I know this isn't actually how it happened at all. But the sentiment rings true. Yes, Zimmermann was suspicious of Travyon. Why? We don't know. He was a teenage kid that Zimmermann was not familiar with in a gated community. Zimmermann was on neighborhood watch, so it was his duty to make sure no one caused trouble. Martin jumped him. Martin beat his head into the pavement. That is what got him shot. The fact that Travyon Martin was black probably never even occurred (at least not consciously) to Zimmermann.

    If you try and kill somebody, you may get shot, whether you're black OR white OR Asian or martian or yatayatayata....

  • The shooting was a result of physical assault, not race

    Zimmerman was doing his job as neighborhood watch when he was assaulted by Trayvon Martin. Had there been no conflict between the two, Zimmerman would not have shot Martin. If Zimmerman is extremely prejudiced, I don't believe that an immense amount of racism would allow Zimmerman to shoot first, ask questions later, especially after taking several classes on gun use and working with police forces.

  • Color of crime

    While the daily black-on-white attacks are “disappeared”: Either not reported on at all, reported only by local newspapers, but “whited out” of local TV and national newspaper coverage, or reported without informing viewers of the respective races of the attackers and victim...". - By Nicholas Stix

    TO ALL READ THIS LINK: http://www.Newnation.Org/NNN-Black-on-White.Html

  • The medical facts

    In addition to being highly white, I used to work as a combat medic in the army, and thus feel that my opinion is best on this matter...

    Any urban myths about white people being able to survive bullets to the heart, are unfounded.
    1. Unlike Werewolves: It does not take silver bullets to kill us, lead does it just fine
    2. Unlike Timelords: We do not have a second heart, nor do we regenerate into 13 separate incarnations of ourselves.
    3. Unlike Hulks: We do not turn green and bullet proof when we get angry.

    White people are in fact people, with all the same weaknesses.

  • Race was not a factor in this case.

    There was no evidence to support that race was a factor in the events leading up to Trayvon Martin's death. Zimmerman told the 911 operator that Trayvon was acting strange (walking around in the rain at night, acting like someone on drugs). These were the reasons why he pursued Travyon.

  • He was acting fishy

    The kid was likely high and acting fishy. From the sound of it the kid was looking in cars and windows. If he was white the only thing that would have changed is how he was described to the 911 operator.
    The verdict is in and this needs to go away. His peers have spoken.

  • It's not about skin color! It's about Trayvon's violent actions or reactions; if anything, a possible "wannabe thug" image might have drew Zimmerman's suspicion

    It's not about skin color! It's about Trayvon's violent actions or reactions; if anything, a possible "wannabe thug" image might have drew Zimmerman's suspicion to keep an eye on him due to recent burglaries in the neighborhood. Trayvon could have had ANY SKIN COLOR. Being dressed in a hoodie and sagging jeans does not automatically make you a criminal, but it is a traditional outfit that a burglar might wear, so it SHOULD draw suspicions. Many white, hispanic, asian, and all types of kids dress like a thug or potential hoodlum. The natural human instinct to recognize potential danger is important and justifiable based on life experiences of what a dangerous criminal may look like. If you ignore those instincts, then you're naive, and will probably not survive life. If Trayvon, who is black, would have been dressed in Khaki pants, a tucked-in polo shirt, and a spring coat, do you think Mr. Zimmerman would have thought him suspicious, EVEN if he intentionally walked with a slight marijuana-enhanced ghetto-limp? No.

    Zimmerman was only 100 feet from his car when the incident happened, it's not like he "stalked him" and followed him all the way home! He was a volunteer, serving to protect and keep an eye on his neighborhood.

    This whole social issue of race is ABSOLUTELY IRRELEVANT to this case. Bottom line...All or most evidence supports Zimmerman's story, indicating that Travyon jumped him because he was eyeing him up while on his cell phone with police. All physical injuries were done to Zimmerman from his head being smashed repeatedly on the concrete sidewalk. The gunshot wound was proven to be point-blank to confirm he defended himself. Zimmerman had every right to protect his own life when an attacker is trying to take it away from him.

    Worst case scenario... Even if Zimmerman yelled to Trayvon down the street asking what trouble he was up to and called him a racial slur, IT DOES NOT MATTER! Trayvon chose violence. There are consequences to every action or reaction, and in this case, his consequence was George defending himself with a more powerful weapon than Trayvon's fists to defend his life.

    There is NO indication that George Zimmerman EVER approached Trayvon. Even if he did, he had no reason to attempt to detain him for, since he merely thought he looked like he was behaving suspicious. It doesn't make any sense for George Zimmerman to to initiate any type of attack first? For what?

    Obama, Sharpton, Holder, the NAACP, and most news media stations should be ashamed of themselves for injecting the "race card" into this court case. Everyone that is too foolish to see the motives of them stirring up social race issues is the reason why the USA is rapidly falling behind the rest of the world. The racists that proclaimed this case as a racial issue are only interested in votes, public attention, or ratings by stirring up controversy to get publicity for themselves.

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MrProfound says2013-07-14T15:04:23.907
Commenting from what I know, the trial took a rather extended amount of time in regards to deciding Zimmerman's fate. Now, I am not going to pull out the Race Card or anything of the sort, but I find it a bit eccentric that he admitted to killing Trayvon and when questioned on whether or not it was mandatory, he said he "wanted" to do it. Key word: wanted. Kind of makes me assume he did what he did just for the hell of it.