Would VW making electric cars for the United States restore the company's credibility?

  • Yes, it would restore Volkswagen's credibility if they started making electric cars.

    Volkswagen's blatant disregard for emissions regulations harmed their image and credibility. I think that if they were to start making electric cars, they would show the public that they are willing to transform their image and work towards renewable energy to offset the potential harm they have done to the environment.

  • VW making electric cars for the United States would restore the company's credibility

    VW making electric cars for the United States would restore the company's credibility. It would also help the company to recover from the recent diesel emissions cheat scandal. This is also an opportunity for VW to work on a project supporting environmental protection through the production of environmental friendly electric cars.

  • VW to Cut Investment in Core Brand to Cope with Scandal

    According to the Fox business article, Stefan Bratzel, head of the Center of Automotive
    Management near Cologne stated, “Funneling more resources into electric Mobility
    gives them a credible future perspective to try to overcome this crisis.” From Volkswagen cheating on emissions tests to Takata cutting corners and providing drivers worldwide with explosive time
    bombs disguised as lifesaving equipment, it seems as if manufacturers worldwide
    are cutting corners all for the good old dollar. The cost is at the expense of their consumers
    and sometimes that cost is as expensive as their life. Although VW’s choice is dishonest, harmful,
    and wrong, we (as a society) have chosen to accept this behavior across the
    board. If we look at the recent Takata airbag/ticking time bomb fiasco we are allowing manufacturers to continue to purchase from Takata and replace the current time bombs with “airbags” from the same company. VW’s dishonest choice will soon be forgotten by the next dishonest manufacturing choice. With or without the electric cars, the credibility will be restored to the people as quickly as it takes another manufacturer to make the news with a dishonest decision worse than VW’s.

  • VW makes electric cars, but it's still not enough

    VW has been in real trouble over the past couple of months following new information that their cars are not up to emission standards. Their reputation was destroyed and they have been doing everything they can to earn it back. Building electric cars would really help their cause, but it will still not be enough to earn back their customer's trust.

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