• Yes because his policies are funny!

    His policies are hilarious! I cant stand clown shoes, illegal harmless drugs, I hate dog hair in my big mac, and I heart casual Friday! Too bad hes too young.There’s just one small problem. Surprisingly it has nothing to do with Waka’s repeated arrests on weapons and drug charges, and everything to do with the fact that he’s a millennial. Waka is only 28.

  • He is a single issue candidate with no governing experience

    We need someone who knows more than just the issue of marijuana legalization. Perhaps he could possible be a state representative, but he doesn't have the attributes to lead our nation's economy and foreign policy. He would need a very strong and political savvy vice president to help guide as well as a strong cabinet.

  • Are you kidding

    What exactly about a rapper, whos made millions about doing drugs, banging hoes and everything else could possibly be good for our country as president. Sweet Jesus we have candidates get picked apart for the simplest of things from when they were 20. But our country is sad enough that they would vote for him cuz its a popularity contest now.

  • Waka Flocka Flame would not make a good president.

    First off I do not know nothing about what he wants to do to better us. Secondly, I think a president needs a more common and serious name.He needs to get out there more ( like in the media)and let everyone know his agenda as to what he plans to do to make improvements.

  • He'd make a terrible president

    He'd make a terrible president. This is because you can't have a person who is a pop culture icon who doesn't have a serious image for president. He doesn't have the experience needed for issues such as national security, international relations, environmental issues, or taxes. Let's not make a joke of our country's system.

  • The U.S. would Collapse.

    Must I say more? I doubt he knows anything about politics, has been in the military, or is truly interested in being a serious president. Honestly, would probably make the U.S. the laughing stock of the U.N. and Putin would probably take over all of Europe out of sheer disregard and disrespect. If he was president, we would all be in trouble.

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