Would Walmart's demise have a positive (yes) or negative (no) effect on the American economy?

  • This is an uplifting improvement.

    I shopped Walmart for somewhat of the last 15 years of my life. Given all the recent negative publicity their company has been given, I made a swift move to stop buying Walmart altogether. You don't know where that money is going (or who it's going to), half of what they sell is cheaply made (Chinese) and the stores are overcrowded. I gear more of my support to locally-owned and independent outlets, the little guys. These are the people making the difference. And I'm constantly on the look out for home-grown, U.S. made products. At the end of the day, I'm all against Walmart's corporate-driven greed.

    Posted by: S.K
  • Walmart's demise might be a great idea: Rallying America's stores

    The death of Walmart might have an affect on America that would rock the nation. It hasn't happened yet, but many people pray that Walmart will die. At first, when a friend asked if the result to our way of life would be good or bad; I was unsure and had to ask myself why would it necessarily be bad. I think in reality the affect would be good as Americans adjust and take up the employment slack that would be caused. Of course the mom and pop shops would be overrun with demand for products at a low price.

    Singularly, we may have a huge downturn in the economy and a recession as the adjustments were made, but certainly the result of having more direct competition would be good in the long run. The result of having mom and pop shops return to the American fabric of society would be a positive thing indeed for meeting people and making sure that communities are tight knit once groups become more instilled in the stores framework. As the store reaches out into the community in a way that the larger corporate stores cannot. Names and faces of the owners rather than managers or CEO's that live in large cities a zillion miles away.

    An intimate knowledge of the community they serve and true customer service might once again return to American shopping experience.

  • No, Wal-Mart's demise would have a negative effect on the American economy.

    Wal-Mart's demise would have a negative effect on the American economy. Although sometimes it seems everyone loves to hate Wal-Mart, in fact it does employ many thousands of people and provides products at a low cost. Its failure would have a ripple effect on the economy by causing a wave of unemployment coupled with the loss of low-priced goods.

  • Walmarts demise will have a negative effect.

    Walmarts demise will have a negative on the economy. Right now walmart offers lower prices for their items than other stores in the area. It is also a great place to get all of your shopping done in on place. If it were to end shoppers would have to commute and waste gas to find the lowest prices and to get all of their different items.

  • No,Walmart's demise have a negative effect on the American economy.

    No,Walmart's demise have a negative effect on the American economy.Walmart' is the biggest company in the world,and it make more money than other companies in the word.In the other word, it is benefit for the American economy,because it pay taxes for its income.And when Walmart''s income become less than before, and it will affect the taxes.Then ,it will decrease the taxes income for American .So,Walmart's demise have a negative effect on the American economy.

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