• He definetely would!

    Now, Many like to believe that the almighty big chungus himself is indestructable, I would love to rebut this argument.
    Big Chungus is only alive today because Waluigi has not come across the Chungus. Eventually, As The Chungus continues to grow in size, Waluigi will take a stand.
    Your argument that big chungus will crush Waluigi is so far wrong. As seen in Super Smash Bros, Waluigi has been seen being smashed many times but as a miracle, He comes back to life to fight another day at full strength. Also, As seen in Mario Tennis when it made it's first debut in (2000). He took a lot of tennis balls to the face.
    Now I have given two examples of how Waluigi will not be crushed, Is there any other way Chungus could beat him? Please enlighten me because I will be happy to rebut.

  • No, Obviously Not

    Here are a few arguments
    1) Big Chungus has uno reverse card, So anything waluigi does will be reversed and be done to himself.
    2) waluigi is to busy playing mario kart
    3) Big chungus is a big chicken nugget so he is indestructible
    4) Big chungus has the big thicc

  • I say no.

    Big Chungus could easily crush that scrawny purple man, As much as I nut to Waluigi on a daily basis, I'd say that thicc wins in every single argument. Unless Big Chungus dies to a heart attack, I believe that there is no possible way that waluigi could survive that 1 ton may-may

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