• Yes welfare reform would positively influence the national economy.

    Reforms to the current welfare system would have positive influence the growth of the national economy. When we propose reforming the welfare system the propose changes should provide incentives those on welfare to work such as support for childcare, support for health care (currently covered by the ACA) and incentive payments for making progress to financial independence.

  • Yes, it could.

    Whether welfare reform would positively influence the national economy depends on how you would like to reform it. If, by reform, you mean slashing welfare benefits, then no, it would be terrible for the economy. If you mean extending and improving these benefits, then yes, it would be fanstastic for the national economy.

  • Yes, welfare reform would be good.

    I think that if there were to be welfare reform, the United States of America would be better. There is way too much corruption and flaw in the welfare system as it is today. Reform is need to fix some of the issues and problems. I think that if this were to happen, then society would be better.

  • Yes, I think it could

    I think a lot of people take advantage of the system and that would help us boost our own needs. If these people came off the programs and the taxes got a break, it would trickle down. The people need to step away from social programs and help each other build the future through jobs.

  • If help is available

    If welfare reform would include a way to not only train people for jobs but to actually place them in positions within companies that will not lay them off or fire them after the thirty or ninety days then welfare reform could be a great influence on the national economy. If people are just dropped off welfare with nothing to rely on however it could cause major problems which would end up being a negative influence.

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