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  • Absolutely not. Peace is not governed by laws.

    Peace is governed by people. People are agents unto themselves and the more laws we have, the more governed we become and less self-governance is a societal catastrophe. The UN has been an utter disappointment and I believe their are many treaties we should never have signed. One of them being the UN Small Arms Treaty....Go ahead and ask me what I think about that? My reply is loud and loaded.

  • World law would not facilitate world peace.

    Would law would be oppressive to individual countries. People do not want to lose their sovereignty to a world government. There are some international laws today, such as the Geneva Convention, and other resolutions passed by the United Nations. These laws have not succeeded in preventing wars even though that is their purpose.

  • No, each society already has the laws that suit its culture

    An overarching authority that would enforce world laws would
    be likely to cause more conflict than it would prevent. Sovereign nations are not likely to submit to
    the authority of outsiders without years of rebellion. Each alien law would be certain
    to offend some region, because each culture has developed the individual laws that
    suit its own culture, and evolved its own particular ways of enforcing them.

  • All Wars Would Be Civil

    I do not believe world law would facilitate world peace. I believe empires in the past have had problems as they became bigger and eventually led to collapse. I believe governments can become over extended and I believe a one world order is probably one of our worst ideas. I don't think it would function properly.

  • World law would not facilitate peace.

    World law would not facilitate peace. There are people out there that do not care about laws or who creates them. As long as people do not want peace then there will not be any no matter what law is put in place. Creating a law for peace would not work.

  • The Bigger It Gets, The Harder To Control

    I believe if history has taught us anything, it's that growing and expanding empires are impossible to control. I believe world law would make it impossible for world peace. While it may seem like a Utopian effort, the reality is, is that people have far and varying beliefs and ideals. It is better to have smaller countries and smaller governments, rather than implementing world laws.

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