• It's Not "If", but "When", and "Will Anyone Survive"

    Honestly, with the global struggle for power, it is truly amazing that World War III had not broken out already. With nation's like North Korea, Pakistan, and Iran stocking up on more nukes than ever before, it is only a matter of time before one of them decided to go crazy and start a third world war.

    The scariest part of World War III will be how it's fought. Gone are the days of tanks and machine guns, here are the days of nukes, chemical weapons, and worst of all, bio weapons. When World War III strikes, it will leave few if any survivors.

    "I don't know the weapons World War III will be fought with, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones."
    -Albert Einstein

  • It will come

    You may not know, but the war that is happening in the Middle East and the territorial disputes in the West Philippine Sea might contribute to this. When China will bar ships from going in and out the sea, many countries would respond and an arms race will happen once again.

  • This's The End Of World

    I am sure this will happen, I see many divisions between countries, And there are also many wars to seize power (such as Israel and Palestine) especially in this era I think people have no sense of humanity, They can only see and not help at all.
    So this will happend

  • Yeah it will start soon

    World War III will happen because of many conflicts and there are some countries which are more likely to cause ww3. These may be :
    1. Egypt
    2. Turkey
    3. North Korea
    5. China
    6. US
    7. Russia
    8. Syria
    There are many other conflicts such as US needs to pay the dept for China. These conflicts show that the ww3 is most likely to take place 10 years later.
    By Amna Rehman

  • The Cheetoh president

    If you been up to date and you have seen our current president name Donald J Trump then you would know we are about to go to war. The president is dumb he and I already shot missiles at one point and North Korea has already launched missiles at us they haven't hit so when Donald crosses the line. And a ruler at some country just gets tired of him they about to blow us up end of the story

  • Obvious to the intelligent. Its inevitable.

    From constant research, analysis, speculation and observation.
    Its become a natural process to our existence.
    Without war there is no need for peace.
    We should approach this intellectually.
    Its immature degrading profound of us yet unavoidable in what we have become.
    We cant have one without the other so a balance must be met amongst the human race.
    WW3 will revolutionize not just a country yet the entire planet. The world with divide these two factions will go to war many people will die!
    It will determine if hell or heaven will rule.
    We have neglected out planet. The planet will react. As it did with dinosaurs and many other entities that have evolved before and after us....Re evolution

  • "Nuclear Peace" Is impossible

    As we all very well know, peace can be a very fragile thing. Due to this fact, I do believe that someday all out nuclear warfare will break out. Will it happen soon is a matter of opinion, but I do believe it will happen soon. Our peace with some countries is very fragile. North Korea is crazy( No offence to any Koreans, but your president/dictator thing is insane). There are also terrorists. And, as we saw in World War 1, one country starting a war can get everyone in on it. "I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones." -Albert Einstein

  • This is a very high possibility

    With Saudi Arabia and Iran going at each other a lot, the Middle East is already in turmoil. Also, ISIS is also a big problem. I think that the USA and Russia (and many more) will destroy the organization, then fight over what to do with the land (Like in WW2, leading to the Cold War). If a WW3 were to happen, it would be related to the US or Russia invading or even sneaking into the borders of the other country's ally or allies. The Middle East will lead to America and Russia interfering with each other, leading to a World War 3, since most countries will take sides and Boom it goes.

  • Yes it will start

    It will start soon because of a lot reasons. ISIS is targeting different countries and they are probably biting off more then they can chew. It will prob start withn 10-20 years are early. It will start with ISIS attacking the U.S. France and Russia and all these countries should be getting tried of this and go in and kill them and then U.S. probably get in war with Russia and it goes on and on and yeah that's why it start soon.

  • WW3 is a certain possibility

    Modern warfare has increased since the last world war, WW2. Nuclear bombs, chemical weapons, and bio weapons have become the new primary extreme weapons in warfare. Countries like North Korea, Pakistan, and Iran are making this topic a reality. The Middle East is out of control and the West Philippine Sea territorial disputes has only contributed to the possibility of world war. The Iran Deal passing will also make WW3 a reality.

  • Yes it will start soon

    Yes the World War III will happen because of many conflicts and there are some countries which are more likely to cause ww3. Some of them may be:
    1. Egypt
    2. Turkey
    3. North Korea
    4. Pakistan
    5. China
    7. Russia
    8. Syria
    There are many other conflicts such as US NEEDS TO PAY THE DEPT TO CHINA
    These conflicts can cause the ww3 to take place 10 years later

  • I fear and hope it does not happen...

    ...Because no one will benefit from it and innocent lives will be lost and the loss will be much more worst then ever before,and beyond repair...Please register your strongest protest against any form of violence played by the fewer rich and elite class,upon the lives of poor..Everything will be a mess,trust me.

  • World War three will NOT happen

    World War three will not happen because the amount of damage a nuclear war will have on the earth is not something that anyone sane or logical will risk . As well it would not solve anything because the aftermath would not give any advantage to a country because the land may or not be worth anything.

  • I doubt it

    Due to mutually assured destruction with nuclear weapons, I doubt that a "World War" like the prior two will never happen any time soon. This is assuming that all the parties involve are sane though. If some terrorists get their hands on nuclear weapons I'd be worried.

    But I define a World War as having more then two countries involved.

    I do think another world war will probably happen at some point, but not very soon, maybe in 100 years or more. As more smaller countries get armed with nuclear weapons, we'll see the larger countries bullying them less, best case scenario after awhile everyone gets along, because they literally have to as our survival will depend on it.

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