Would you abort a pregnancy if you knew the child would be born with a serious disorder?

  • Yes I would.

    Absolutely because you need to think about the child's quality of life. First and foremost, who will care for the child when you and your SA is gone. If you have other children already or plan to have other children, do you think it is fair to your other children that they receive less attention that child with serious disorder? (And in all likelihood, you will be asking them to care for their brother/sister, when you are gone.)

  • Yes, I would.

    I really would not want to have put all that effort into creating a child only to find out they're messed up. It would enrage me honestly, because I know that it would be more work to deal with all the problems the child will face as it gets older. Not that I want the perfect child, I just want a child who can function in society without support for the rest of their lives.

  • Yes, I Would

    Yes, I would abort a pregnancy if I knew the child would be born with a serious disorder. Although it would be one of the most difficult things I’d ever done, I would prefer that to sentencing a child to a life of suffering. My decision would be based not on what would be easiest for me, but on what sort of life the child would have. What would the child’s quality of life be?

  • Raising Child May Be Act of Cruelty

    How good would a baby's life be with a severe disorder? Doesn't everyone have the right to live the fullest life possible? Instead of having a baby with a severe disorder, my wife and I would adopt a healthy baby instead. Serious disorders may be more cruel to the child and terminating the pregnancy may be a more humane way to go.

  • It would break my heart, but yes.

    Assuming that a "serious disorder" means something incurable that could severely diminish that person's quality of life, then I would probably do it. Bringing a new human into the world with the foreknowledge that he or she is going to suffer much more than a normal person is far more cruel than the abstract destruction of someone that never really lived in the first place.

  • Sadly, I would.

    I would want my child to have the fullest quality of life as possible. While it may not be ethical or moral or anything, it would be the child of my husband and myself, and as long as we found out before the third trimester I would definitely consider aborting my child.

  • No, I would never even consider that.

    Even though the child has a disorder doesn't mean it's not a child. Getting an abortion is basically killing an unborn child. So you would kill an unborn child because it had something different about the child? Most hospitals can't tell whether the disorder is severe or not. What if the disorder that was found could be overcome within a couple of years? It's cruelty to get an abortion, it's even worse to get one if it's for a reason like a disorder.

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