• It would be cool as heck!

    If there were such things as mutants it would be cool to have three arms and even if they were a little nutty it still would be cool to fight them, or even have a type of gladiator arena for mutants were they could fight or even live without being annoyed with us pink fleshy types.

  • Probably, but it would depend on what it was/is like.

    It would depend on what the mutant was like. Does it kill people? Is it a safety hazard? Is it friendly? Is it useful? Does it eat? If so, what does it eat? All of these questions make a difference in my opinion, but normally I'm inclined to say yes. If it was the mutant from the picture, HELL NO. However, I would be okay with a mutant in society.

  • Who am I to judge?

    I think this question all depends on how you define "mutant". If you mean mutants in terms of X-Men, absolutely. I venerate the abilities they possess. As human beings, we have a moral duty to accept difference and embrace diversity. Any person or group who is different and does not pose any credible threat should not be persecuted.

  • Well they are living right

    So teat them kindly or well they might kill hurt some one sure it would be kinda sad but still everything has a right to live?Right?Sure it might look or smell gross but it might be really nice and it might have feelings too you know.Treat others the way you want to be treated

  • Made in Gods image

    Mutants are highly improbable but if they did exist I would deal with them the same way as I would deal with clones, welcome them into society. They are homo sapiens in my opinion and they are made in God's image. They are man and human life has value. Filler

  • Burn the Unclean.

    Mutations are a clear sign of the Ruinous Powers and should be dealt with quickly. And everyone knows that when the Ruinous Powers visit, things get ugly. Serve the Imperium and bag a mutie!
    Warning: I assume no liability for insanity, sudden Chaos worship, injury, death, or death-related symptoms that may arise.

  • There is nothing wrong with the mutants.

    But what if the mutant was created from nuclear waste. Wouldn't that put peoples life in jeopardy? Who would like a hug from a green glowing human with 3 arms. I have nothing against mutants, but what created them. I wouldn't like to die from what ever disease created them. Who would?

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ladiesman says2015-04-01T20:43:28.447
Depends on how you define "mutant".