Would you accept an organ donation if you knew the donor was Hitler?

Asked by: oldman1990
  • Why not just an organ not an endorsement of national socialism

    Since there is some chance of death to the donor, the more organs Hitler donates the higher the risk to his own health. Taking an organ from Hitler might have saved millions. How could you possibly be so selfish as not to volunteer to accept an organ even if not required for that matter!

  • Not because I dislike Hitler but...

    1) He ate so much chocolatee that it may have damaged his organs (chocolate is poisonous you know. Why else does it sicken dogs?)
    2) He's been dead for 70 years. It would have decayed.
    3) I don't want an organ extracted before proper antibacterial measures have been invented.
    I don't actually hate Hitler.

  • No Part of Such Evil in My Body

    As much as I would like to live, I want nothing to do with one of the world's most brutal killers. Even though it would seem ironic that Hitler's organs would save someone else's life, just knowing that the man's organ was a part of killing six million people as a genocidal maniac would completely revolt me. Luckily, Hitler's body was burned in his bunker. Anyway, his organs would be worthless 70 years in the future even if his body was well-preserved.

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