• Prenup is necessary!

    If you guys are looking to get a really good prenup go to they will work with you to get the best deal that you can from your marriage, and will also make sure all of your belongings stay yours in case of a divorce. I know they are great because i have contacted them to form a prenup, and let me tell you i couldn’t have gone anywhere else to get a better one.

  • We want prenup!

    Prenuptual agreements are really just taking the vows stated at the alter and putting punishments behind them. When considering some form of indiscretion in violation of a prenup, hopefully the person reconsiders the behavior as it may cost them valuable bargaining power during a divorce. Prenups eliminate complicated legal battles associated with a divorce. I would advise everyone to get a prenup that reflects the vows of marriage. Put your money where your mouth is.

  • Yes, I think it would be wise for everyone to have a prenuptial agreement.

    Even if you think you know everything about the person you are getting married to there always may be something they are hiding from you that you only discover after you married them, I think everyone should have a exit plan that doesn't destroy their finances, I think that a prenuptial agreement is something very wise to do.

  • Protect yourself please

    A prenuptial agreement is not an underhanded sleight to marriage, it is simply a way of protecting and respecting yourself to be able to be comfortable if worst comes to worse. When I get married I will have a prenuptial agreement, barring any upward movement by marrying into a rich famiy.

  • Prenuptial agreements are a good idea.

    Prenuptial agreements are a good idea and don't hurt to have, even if they are never needed. If something were to happen and the marriage didn't last, it makes things much easier if there is a prenuptial agreement in place. The divorce process can move quicker and there is less argument and concern over finances.

  • Marriages are't what they used to be

    Sad to say, many marriages aren't what they used to be these days and state laws dont protect you in the end. Marriage isn't a legally binding contract and if you breech our agreement, you can still get a payout. The Right vs wrong aspect does not apply. In my state, if you choose to leave or be unfaithful, and you make less money than your spouse, you still get half and possibly support. Prenuptial agreements protect both parties.

  • No, I wouldn't personally advise this

    Personally I would not offer this advice. I suppose prenups offer a measure of individual protection in the event of a divorce. They may also streamline and simplify the resolution of divorce agreements. I'm not an attorney or a divorcee so I do not want to be critical of those who have a realized value in these agreements. From my perspective, it simply seems that they are an acknowledgement of potential failure. This just sounds like a very bad way to start a marriage, at least to me. I realize that bad things can happen in a relationship, I just don't think a marriage should be approached in the same manner as a business relationship. My advice would be that marriage is a commitment for life; be sure to pick the right person and then show absolute and unwavering faith in success. Just a personal opinion.

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