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    I would agree that the written word is the cause of all evil, when, it is the very fact that 'metrology' is a word used for a system that defines measurements. These measurements can then be divided and subdivided, ad infinitum; continuing to effect the causes of ever increasing modes of argumentation (on any subject) based solely on purely subjective matters; not withstanding the measurements themselves but also the system of measurement being used. One cannot ever sense as another senses. Who decides which system of measurement one will use to decide when hot turns cold, when loud turns quiet, when pleasure turns to pain.

  • Yes of course!!

    Yes of course the written word is the cause of all evil and sometimes leads to awful acts that include suicide and murder. Yes I also agree that sometimes it could be human emotions but in my opinion the written word has more influence on someone to do something evil.

  • Human Emotions Are the Cause of All Evil

    Good and evil are all matters of perspective, but the cause of all evil is entirely in the human mind. The written word itself doesn't cause anything. Emotional human reactions to various stimuli cause evil in the world. Osama bin Laden reacted to his circumstances. Adolf Hitler reacted to his circumstances. Those evil men didn't get their evil thoughts from the written word, they got evil thoughts from within their own heads.

  • Anything written is not always good.

    Anything written can be for the good or for the bad. It doesn't meant that all of it is evil. There is evil in things we listen to, watch and read it is all mixed together. It depends on the mindset of the person who is reading the written word.

  • No I don't agree with that,

    I think that evil is something that is a lack of morality and a lack of compassion for others or other things. Evil comes about when people do the wrong thing instead of the right thing. Now, whether or not the written word can perpetuate evil? That's another question but no, I don't think that the written word is the cause of all evil at all.

  • The written word is not the cause of all evil

    The written word is not the cause of all evil. What is the cause of all evil is money and greed. The written word is what makes sense and it allows us to communicate as humans. It can be used for good and evil, it all depends on the person who wrote it and what it communicates.

  • Human behavior is universal.

    The presence of writing or scripture of any kind is not an indicator of the morality of a certain population. For example, many of the native tribes in Australia and North America did not use written words and relied on symbolism instead. Their culture and morality were based on tradition and verbal stories.

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