Would you agree transgender "women" & "men" aren't real women/men, They are their biological sex. This shouldn't be censored as hate speech, It's fact?

Would you agree transgender "women" & "men" aren't real women/men, They are their biological sex. This shouldn't be censored as hate speech, It's fact?
  • Lie to themselves.

    Fact is, You can't claim to identify as something you have no experience being. Physically, I am a white man. I am not now nor have I ever been black. Could I possibly claim to identify as a black man? Of course not. I have no experience actually being black. The only thing I could do is guess what being black is like. I could use skin and hair treatments to make myself appear as a black like Rachel Dolezal but that would still not make it true. I would just be a phony. I would likely be shunned by not just real black people but white people who would also find the action offensive as she was. Funny thing is, The same group of people who hated her actions the most (democrats) are the same ones who stand behind transgenders.

    Fact is, There is more to being a gender than just genitalia or breasts. Brain chemistry, Skin, Bone structure, Muscle distribution, Etc are all factors unique to their physical gender. Some things can be changed with surgery but others can not. Another fact is, Gender reassignment does not make you that gender as no amount of surgery can create a working reproductive system. Even if they came up with a transplant procedure, Any offspring would not be genetically yours but that of the donors.

    Seems to me that transgenders have a type of identity disorder much like people that believe they are Napoleon, Jesus, Or Elvis. Are we expected to treat them like the person they claim to identify as? No, We encourage them to seek treatment so they can accept their actual identity.

    It seams to me that because they don't know what being that gender is like, They go towards stereotypes. They know women tend to have some degree of sway to their hips because of their unique bone structure, They mimic this and usually to an exaggerated extent. Same thing with bust size. Odds are, A trans female will have a much larger bust than their family members that are actually female. Same thing with hand gestures and voice.

    Some say that to deny that transgenders are the sex they claim to identify as is sexual discrimination. What if I claimed to identify as your god. Does this mean that you should either send me 10% of your income or be demonized for religious discrimination? Don't think I will hold my breath for that check to come.

  • This is what I believe

    The moment free speech is hindered and branded "hate speech" we run into an issue. However, That's a talk for another time. The fact remains that if your chromosomes are xx you are a female, And if your chromosomes are xy you are a male. Everything else is speculation and utter nonsense, In my book. I should never be forced to conform to another persons delusion simply because it is politically correct. I have every right to call a spade a spade, And you have every right to argue against that if you choose, But to shut someone up because you disagree is not the way to go.

  • Hey what's it's all about.

    Sexual fantasy that's what. And what's wrong with that?

    (Well! It's all about sexual reproduction actually, But that's the boring bit).

    Ever since men and women realised that twiddling bits is also good fun, They've been twiddling and licking and probing and interfering in all ways possible.

    So for some, Transgenderism is their ultimate sexual fantasy.

    Don't knock it until you've tried it.

  • One cannot change one's genetic code.

    I agree. I am a woman because God gave me a female genetic code. I know leftists hate God, The Bible, And basis science, But this is a load of chit. I bear no one ill will, But disagree with the left and transgenders. I swear leftists make this up to take free speech and religious liberty away from Christians. It is God alone, Who makes one male or female, NOT a surgeon. I think it is a mental illness.

  • Science is science

    They can identify as whoever they want to be but on the topic of gender a person is male or female if they have the respective genitalia. They cannot make up new genders associated with the genitalia as they have been associated for thousands of years as male or female.

  • I think you are who you are

    I think that people who are trans aren't real men or women. I totally agree with the people who are trans but I don't think they are real men or women. I don't know what else to write so yeah. Thanks for reading my claim. Thank you

    I appreciate it.

  • Although i still respect Lgbtq

    But being transgender and later being "heterosexual" is equivalent to being gay/lesbian. PLUS even if i respect them it is still a disadvantage to the society, Especially some religious nations that being homo and having relationship with Lgbtq is illegal. People will think you are not serious.

    And second it would take a lot of money to change your gender. Surgery, License/id card, And even artifacts suited for the spiritual gender, All leads to a big fat useless.

    Being straight is the most advantaged sexuality. I respect Lgbtq but i don't suggest them.

  • Everyone is themselves

    When you are in the womb, The trillions of chromosomes created align in a specific way. Then if you grow up and become trans, The outside changes but the inside stayed the same, Ie. The chromosomes. It is virtually impossible for those to be altered any way shape or form, Therefore trans is not a full transformation and they then remain their previous gender. I believe everyone is created equally and with an equal right but simple biology and science counter the idea of "full trans".

  • Biologically, Still the Same Sex (No disrespect whatsoever)

    After a transgender procedure, A person cannot truly convert into the other gender. If some thought is put in, Transgenders still have their biological chromosomes (XX or XY) despite hormone therapy and genital-changing procedures. The changing of genitals and other reproductive glands may convince a person that they are the opposite gender, But with these procedures, A male after a transgender procedure can't produce eggs, And a female after a transgender procedure can't produce sperm. Plus, If males underwent a transgender procedure, They may still have residue of their pre-gender such as the "Adam's apple". This is all in my opinion, I have no intentions to disrespect anyone.

  • You are what you are,

    No amount of surgery, Genital mutilation or hormones will truly make a person into a real woman or man. They're just a man who chopped off his penis or a woman who now kind of looks like a guy but not really. . It's a mental illness and people should stop encouraging it and stop confusing their kids either this crap.

  • What is your problem.

    In your mind you personally Identify as your birth gender, You like the things associated with YOUR birth gender, Your think similar to others of YOUR birth gender. But not all people think and behave that way. So mind your own business, Please and thank you. Have a nice day

  • Real trans people deserve respect

    I don't think it should be considered hate speech or an act of violence if you accidentally misgender someone, That's just ridiculous. The only people that stand for that are SJWs and transtrenders. Real trans people will tell you you've been mistaken but won't make it a big deal. However, If a real trans person who is putting in effort to actually pass and has gender dysphoria tells you their pronouns, Try your best to go by them. Gender dysphoria is a mental disorder and the least you could do to help that trans person is call them by their pronouns

  • There more incoming science.

    The science is still out and coming in, But as more research is made, The more science seems to suggest that being transgender is an actual, Biological, Thing. Not just psychological. Research about brain shape and function, Chromosomes, Genital and brain sex developing at different times and seemingly independent of eachother, Hormone imbalances, Etc. . .

  • Transgender Women And Transgender Men Are Just That Transgender Women And Men However. . .

    Yes, It is true transgender men are biologically female, And transgender women are biologically male; however, It is proven transgender women have the brain of a female, And transgender men have the brain of a male. That means arguably transgender men are men, And transgender women are women. Although, Of course I believe people should continue to differentiate between cisgender individuals, And transgender individuals in certain circumstances. Also no, I do not believe saying transgender men are not real men, Or saying transgender women are not real women, Should be censored as hate speech. - From a transgender women.

  • Yall are stupid

    Let people identify as whatever they want! It is not going to affect you if you leave them alone, And it is not up to you to decide someone else's gender. F;lkjhgf ounjojn ujinutfytguui if they want to say they're completely male or female or gender neutral then let them lol it is NOT UP TO YOU!

  • They are real men!

    TW: self-harm

    Trans people are the gender they identify and if you do not support that you are transphobic. You are not an ally like some people claim to be! No matter if they go through gender resignment surgery they are still very much the gender they identify as to whether that be man, Women or non-binary. It's called gender dysphoria and it's very real and I've almost lost friends to it. It's people who don't understand that its a very real condition is neglecting science.

    I'm not against religious people you believe a mega-shark is watching over us that's cool. I just don't understand Christianity is kinda dumb since so many of you are so hateful then blame it on God, If gods homophobic and transphobic then why would he put them on this earth? Maybe I should read the bible or something?

    It's extremely hurtful when I hear people tell my friends who are transgender to kill themselves or that they aren't valid. I've met many transgender men and women with depression who are self-harming regularly and planning to take their own lives! With such high suicide rates for transgender people, I find it very hard to believe that people will sit behind their screens and can tell them they aren't valid!

    I'm sorry for going on about this but it hurts me. Now I've got to prepare for a debate tomorrow.

  • Trans men are men

    They are literally men that were born into the wrong body. In the womb, A lack of estrogen causes the brain to develop as male. Then, The body develops as female because of the chromosomes. This disconnect can only be resolved by transitioning. This also goes for transgender women. It’s a real thing.

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PinValentine says2019-02-26T02:51:54.367
I am disappointed in the amount of people who argue against trans people citing science of sex but don't seem to know the science of gender.
Sven-Olof_Lindholm says2020-03-06T00:20:37.147
@PinValentine what science of gender? You mean the liberal pseudo science that is heavily censored as to not be "offensive"?

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