Would you allow yourself to be cloned if given the opportunity?

  • Let's do this clone thing!

    When i walk around my town i can think of only one thing that would make it better, more of me. Just think of what it would be like to save loved ones with cancer and to re-create the world's visionaries. Doctor King would still be here, Ghandi, and all the others who have helped shape the world we know of today. I know that it will never happen, just a good thought.

  • If someone wanted to clone me I guess they would have a good reason to want to, so I would allow it.

    For instance, if cloning me would provide essential organs for transplant and save the lives of many more people, I would happily allow myself to be cloned. As long as this was going to somehow benefit the world and not just a selfish want of my own to stay alive indefinitely in some form, then I 100% support the effort.

    Posted by: EmenBoy
  • I would allow myself to be cloned, because then I might, at long last, understand me.

    Initially, it's a creepy thought. The idea of living in a world where there exists two of yourself is the stuff of sci-fi B-movies, but imagine the possibilities. At this time, there is only one person in the expanse of the universe that truly understands what it is like to be you: you. To fully come to terms with yourself, to study your patterns and inconsistencies; to sit down and talk to yourself about what it all means... that's the dream, I think.

    Posted by: ShimBoIt
  • Yes, I would give permission to be cloned

    It would be a fascinating social experiment to see how the true essence of an individual would emerge given different environmental circumstances. And like a previous person mentioned, I'd love to be the surrogate to bring one of my clones into the world, to provide her with those elements I felt were lacking in my life the first time around. This has fascinated me since I was about 15 years old when I read, Joshua Son of None (1973). Then, it seemed like science fiction. Now, it seems like a great opportunity.

  • Its another way of achieving immortality similar to religious afterlife, fame, or children.

    Most people want some aspect of themselves to live on, whether that's the fond memories of loved ones, their deeds, or progeny people are searching for some way to preserve or pass along a part of themselves. A clone would allow you to do that.

    Even if my clones were harvested for organs or became some sort of clone slaves to start with it'd still be nice to have a part living on. Maybe they'd break out sometime or become real citizens... Who knows...

    Do I want other people to have clones... Heck NO!! There's way too many problems... Rich people keeping the cloning expense to themselves, living forever off body parts, The horrors of actually being a clone slave (if you were the clone)... Just a lot of fundamental problems that circumvent the all men created equal part of the US constitution.

    But yah know... For the sake of my own immortality... You can clone me... (and only me).

  • For a better life and health

    No argument, just do it. I know I will not be the same person. But want the new way of life to see if there would a better change in life that could make a differents in myself and do more right than wrong. Not having so much health problems.

  • I've always wanted an identical twin.

    My clone would basically be my twin. I have no sisters, so she would be it. My brothers are twins, and when they fight me I wish I had a comeback. That would be my sister. That would be my clone. But I do not know it is really safe..

  • Yes I would

    I think it would be great another me I can go back live life I would do thing different my clon would be for the public eyes and I can stay to myself or my clon could be the money maker may join a cult something like that random thoughts but would be helpful in many ways

  • For health benefits

    If there was a clone of me and a health problem accrues like a failing heart or my lungs or liver go or something like that, then I can get a transplant from clone me instead of waiting on the waiting list or worrying about my body rejecting the new organ.

  • Yes for sure.

    I know it wouldn't be me per say. But to see an other look alike walk this earth would be amazing. Yes some failure and error might occur, but which experiment hasn't had some bumps in the road. In the end a great thing would happen. I'd like to bare my own clone inside of myself and raise it if it would be possible. It would be great, cause I would know exactly what to do if my clone is sick or whatnot.

  • I wouldn't want myself to be cloned.

    Cloning is dangerous;.scientists had to kill 277 sheep to make the clone sheep dolly. If I were to be cloned, I would have to be killed and then I would be made again, except as a clone - so what's the point? And anyway, I might die while being cloned. And the clone might take over my life.

  • No, I would not allow myself to be cloned because it could have negative consequences.

    I would definitely not allow myself to be cloned. The cloning process could potentially create negative consequences. First of all, this procedure messes with the rules of science. If I was cloned, I would worry about the problems it would cause. For example, my clone and I may not get along with each other. He may even steal my girlfriend by pretending to be me! Also, there is a chance that my clone could get me in trouble (since we both would look alike) - or even turn out to be evil and try to kill me.

    Posted by: echagina
  • I do not think that I should be cloned.

    I have enough trouble dealing with my life as it is. I can't imagine having a copy of myself out in the world. I'm not sure I even want to have children because I don't want to bring another being into today's world. I would feel the same way about a clone. There is no reason for there to be another version of me running around.

    Posted by: EImerN4th
  • I feel uncomfortable with it on a moral level.

    While it may be fun to have a clone of myself, it would also feel very...unmoral (for a lack of a better word). What would happen to the clone? And the clone may not turn out how one would expect, since the clone would have their own way of thoughts that may not necessarily mirror your own.

    Posted by: P0nyJudah
  • Cloning myself will only add to the problems of this world. I would not do it.

    This world faces the problem of population explosion in most of the countries. If a new person is born, he would add up to be a new thinker with a different style of thinking and this would bring about an increase in the probability for innovation. On the other hand, if we people start doing things like cloning ourselves, it would add technically nothing to the world but instead add on to its problems of overloading.

    Posted by: Kri5Good
  • I oppose cloning myself because the implications of cloning are scary and confusing to me.

    While I'm not sure how I feel about cloning in general, I would never clone myself because of all the scary, life-changing questions that would arise would probably cause me to have a mental breakdown. (For example, questioning which of the me's is really me...which has more rights to my thoughts and body...would the other one possibly take on another identity because it wasn't raised in the same environment as I was) and I believe our disposition is determined by both biological and environmental factors.

    Posted by: georgiafun
  • No, I don't see the purpose.

    I don't see any reason for there to be two exact persons like me. First of all, I am not perfection, so there would be two people walking around making the same mistakes. Second of all, what could the possible benefits be of cloning people. We don't create human life. The creation of human life begins with God. And, the value of people, to one another, is in their differences.

    Posted by: MohaI0v35
  • No, I would not allow myself to be cloned because I do not see any benefits of doing it.

    Cloning is a very strange thing. Making an exact genetic replica of something is not making an exact replica. What people seem to ignore or don't understand about cloning is the nature vs nurture aspect of it. While genetics do influence our appearance and behavior to some extent, people and beings are shaped by their environment and experiences just as much, if not more. A clone of a person would be a completely different person. What is the benefit of this? Harvesting them for organs is inhumanely cruel, and creating them for fun is pointless. Cloning is worthless.

    Posted by: 5c4ryOgdon
  • I would not allow myself to be cloned if I was given the opportunity.

    There has been no conclusive proof that cloning is safe and therefore I would not allow myself to be cloned. The idea of cloning also goes against my Christian beliefs that life can only come from our Creator and should not be created in a science lab.

    Posted by: 5hinyNess
  • The world could not stand another me.

    I would not want another me running around. I like to be my own person. The world could not handle two of me. It would feel weird to see and talk to me in another body. Why would anyone want a clone of themselves? There are enough people in this world already.

    Posted by: Ci3nInvader

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