Would you avoid shopping at Wal-Mart if you could save more money by shopping exclusively online?

  • Save Money At All Costs

    The only reason we skip our local mom and pop stores and head over to giant corporations is to SAVE MONEY. If I found out I could save money shopping online even more than shopping at Walmart, then SAYONARA Walmart. Furthermore, I would save time, money, and energy in transportation and handling by avoiding Walmart and choosing online shopping.

  • I already do that!

    Not only do I already do that, since shopping online is cheaper and less of a hassle.... I mean, really, there is always like one cashier for 50 people in line.... But Walmart treats their employees like crap. Not only do they pay minimum wage, which they can completely afford to pay their employees a living wage, but they also deal with horrible international companies. The international companies treat their employees even worse! So every time I shop at Walmart, I feel guilty since I am basically supporting that when I do. So I avoid Walmart.

  • Walmart is not what it was

    Saving money in this day and age is important. However the treatment of Walmart employees plays into this one for me. Sam Walton had a vision and carried it out. Now that vision has played itself out to corporate america and beyond. There is a Walmart on every corner and with online shopping taking over, coupons being available on top of that, sadly I see Walmarts dropping in the near future.

  • Screw Walmart Prices

    I prefer the freedom of shopping online. No waiting in lines and behind people in the aisles. You can save gas by not driving to a wal-mart. The convenience might be better at wal-mart but the tradeoff for chepaer prices could be worth it. Wal-mart also has history of weird customers so you dont have to see that.

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