• I would be concerned if the price of oil fell.

    While many Americans today have a hard time cutting down on their use of oil and other fossil fuels for the good of the environment, they may well be more likely to think with their wallets of the price of oil increases. A decrease in the price of oil would increase use and dependency, which is the last thing we need moving into the 21st century and beyond.

  • Dropping prices could make American companies lose business.

    The drops in prices mostly stems from the Saudi oil barons lowering their oil prices in an attempt to make American companies lose business. The gas prices in my state have already gone down by almost a dollar. If the price is lowered any more, I personally would be concerned about many Americans oil companies losing more business.

  • No, I would not be concerned with oil prices falling.

    I believe that it is time for the price of oil to fall. The decline in the price of oil will allow for more spending power during the holiday season. Falling oil prices would also allow for more travel and fewer dollars spent on daily commutes to and from work.

  • No, I would not be concerned.

    No, I would not be concerned if the price of oil fell even more. To me, it is about time it dropped. I am so sick of paying so overpriced for things because the world is in a whole competition with each other and they suck everything out of you because of that.

  • That means that Americans save money to spend on other thing, such as cooler cars

    My parents have a struggling garbage business, and it's been that way since 2006 when we had to sell half our routes to American Waste. Those are the kinds of effects high fuel crises have. They also killed the muscle car era. Now more americans are saving money, and though it's to late for our company, there are hopes for others.
    Plus now that fuel prices are going down people can get funner cars such as the 707hp Challenger Hellcat.

  • price of oil

    No I would not be concerned if the price of oil fell even more. It can not be a bad thing for oil to be as cheap as it used to be. It means we are getting out of the recession and it helps every one's pockets when we do not have to spend our whole pay checks on gasoline.

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