Would you be embarrassed to have Donald Trump as President if he was elected?

  • Embarrassed is an understatement

    If Donald Trump was elected president, I would be absolutely appalled. He's much too brainless, arrogant and xenophobic to be a politican. A good and effective leader needs wisdom and humility, not pride, vanity and bigotry. Trump as president would make our country a laughing stock and destroy all our diplomatic ties.

  • He is so insulting!

    It would be so embarrassing to have Donald Trump as president if he is elected because the president is representative of the nation. Donald Trump has said so many derogatory things about Muslims and Hispanics, and I would hate for people from other countries to think that's what the United States thinks as a whole.

  • Any sane person would be embarrased

    Any sane person, anywhere in the world would be embarrassed to have someone like Trump as a head of state. He is a clown, a showman, an entertainer, a jester. That may suit and work well in showbiz, or business in general, since it brings attention and therefore fame and money, but it is insulting and absolutely inappropriate for any serious position or duty.

  • Donald Trump an embarrassment as president is an understatement

    Donald Trump is bringing America to its knees. He has somehow forgotten that we are not just being viewed at home but his bombastic, insensitive comments are being seen around the world. As the days go by each comment becomes more and more cringe worthy. He's become like that embarrassing uncle that gets drunk at family get togethers where everyone just laughs with him and pretend not to be completely embarrassed, while at the same time vowing to never invite him again. He does not care if you are handicapped, a war hero, a woman, black or Mexican. He is an equal opportunity offender. At first it was intriguing because it had never been seen before but it has finally run out of steam and is just plain gross. If he makes it to the highest office we will never get back our pride and dignity, but instead become the laughing stock of the world.

  • No, Donald Trump is not an embarrassing presidential selection

    No, Donald trump is not an embarrassment to American politics. As a hardworking business man, Donald Trump amassed a fortune. He is politically savvy and internationally known. Trump is a good presidential candidate that adds to the interest in the upcoming election. Americans should not be embarrassed to have Donald Trump as the president of the United States.

  • Not at all

    Why be embarrassed ? I'd be more embarrassed if we elected that socialist bernie or the liar hillary. Trump is brash in his speeches because of his passion for the country- We should all feel that pride. Also, his plans to secure our borders and create more jobs should be a topic from more presidential candidates.

  • Get over yourself

    If it's embarrassing to have a president who may not be a cookie-cutout that says all the right things not to offend anyone, then yeah, I'd be embarrassed. But none of the yes-sayers have brought up any real evidence to support their claim other than: "he's a racist bigoted idiot who hates Mexicans". Let me give you, quoted from his famous "Mexicans are rapists" speech, what he said: "They're sending people who have lots of problems, and they're bringing those problems with [to] us. They're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists, AND SOME, I ASSUME, ARE GOOD PEOPLE." (Donald J. Trump, 16 June 2015). The "they're rapists" portion has been put way out of context. He skipped a word, "bringing", as a shortcut. He did not say "all Mexicans are rapists", in fact, his very next sentence says the opposite. The "one can ruin it for all" phrase is very prominent in what he's saying. This is one of many examples of people taking his words and manipulating them to support their mindset. People believe he is sexist because he has said things about a woman that aren't favorable. That's anything but sexist. To insult Rosie O'Donnell like you insult men should not be convoluted into: "he hates all women", because he didn't like a woman. It wouldn't be sexist if a woman said those things to a man. That something might be viewed offensive should not stop a person from speaking their mind, and even if you don't agree with their opinion, it is incredibly ignorant and close-minded to call someone so confident and unafraid to speak his mind "xenophobic". Seriously.

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