• I’d rather be rich though

    Being famous people tend to push away their only family. If I was rich I would do the opposite. Helping out my mom with financial problems, supporting charities, getting everything I dreamed of, etc. Being famous well I would hate the sudden attention. But if I had that kind of money yknow damn well I’m never working again.

  • Wealth may bring benefits, when utilized in a proper manner.

    I believe that having a lot of material resources, when used responsibly may become the causation for the betterment of humanity. In fact, the existence of philanthropists fill in this very role.

    Yet, as noble as it may seem, one can remain wealthy whilst contributing their wealth through the investment of certain industries that when improved, increase the quality of life for many people. Such investments have the potential to end most, if not all, sources of human suffering.

    Therefore, being wealthy while remembering that one has a social responsibility supports all of humanity.

  • I would rather be rich

    Rich is more important than famous ok famous is not even that good or great actually being rich is lovable and of course I saw video that said my rich dad got 2 new girlfriends ok ok ok ok ok so yeah I would rather be rich ok good bye

  • I would rather say no

    What is the point of saying yes if you don't know the question. Have we been just blindlty clicking away hoping for some grest fun. I would ratehr click no because if you don't k nw the queation then why would you sayb yes. If you didn't hear when they wanted you to save your wallet then you ssy no! Why would anyone say yes?

  • I'd rather be wealthy.

    Think of it this way, either way you are rich. Choosing not to be famous just let's you keep your privacy. It let's you actually date people who aren't celebrities. It let's you get married when and where and to who you want. Being famous involves an image and many other hassle such as public appearnces. Being rich gets you the money without the hassle.

  • Less Of The Media, Less Of A Hectic Lifestyle

    Being rich and/or famous would bring a lot of unwanted attention to me and my affiliates. A famous person generally lives a life with media knowing everything they do, where they go, what they say, who they talk to, and so on - information that I would not like other people knowing because what I do in my everyday life is rather private; it's not meant to be broadcasted to strangers and cameras. I would not want to be rich because it's likely that the more money I have, the greedier and more irresponsible I'll be with spending it. I'll have all this money, so I'd probably start buying whatever I like and lose the sense of what it's like to go without or be sensible with my money. Also, people are more likely to file a lawsuit against you, sue you, or frame you for something because they know that if the court is in favour of them, they get your money - something you have a lot of. So, to conclude, I would rather live my own simple life than one full of cameras, greediness and hecticness.

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