Would you be friends with someone with Autism and/or Intellectual Disability?

  • Why wouldn't you

    If you feel like that person would be fun to be around, And is generally someone you would like to be friends with, Then don't let the fact that the person has autism or a mental disability stop you from being friends. Just because someone is different doesn't mean you should think of them as lesser.

  • Yes, Yes, And yes

    I would. I am already friends with some with Down Syndrome and I am in high school right now.

    Not sure what else to put here but need to put something. . . . Since I need to fill the remaining words needed. So just let me know what you think please and thanks.

  • My brother with autism is fun, And everyone deserves to be proud of who they are.

    Although it may seem strange that he has autism, Without it, He can totally help me bring stuff whenever I need him to, And these people with autism are internally intelligent, As they know how other people feel and what they need.
    Having my brother is much more fun than having my classmates.
    People with autism are never to be considered stupid. Just because they can never get good grades doesn't mean they aren't intelligent; they could have a totally different style of intelligence, Like having lots of common sense or being able to understand people.
    Many people have been kind and understandable to my brother, And this is why he is nice and happy every day.

  • I don't like it but I'll put up with it.

    Look, I'm Autistic/have Asperger's Syndrome and I hate talking to other people with the same condition that I have. I don't know if its apart of Aspergers cause I know other Aspies with the same condition that I have, But I've only ever liked a handful of people with Aspergers/Autism. I don't know, I don't care about talking with people in general, It just makes it more stressful to talk with Aspies since you're conditioned to talk to 'normal' people and not people with mental disabilities.

  • Would be frustrating.

    I like to have stimulating conversations with friends of mine. Often times these conversations are rather complex. It's one thing to simplify what your saying so that others can see your point but when you can tell the person wouldn't even get the basics, All they do is just make the conversation tedious by asking what would otherwise be a silly question.

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