Would you be happier if the world was religion-less?

Asked by: 07scott
  • Yes and No

    Although religion is a very comforting thing to many people, it is also unfortunately one of the main causes of violence and wars. Many wars are simply over what people believe religiously (I'm not blaming any religion whatsoever, or saying all religions are bad), or the fact people believe in different people/Gods. I personally believe the world would be a happier place free of religion, purely because people would be unable to argue about those things, or be prejudice against certain races or people purely because of their religion (e.G. After the Twin Towers in 2001, alot of prejudice towards Muslims increased). Etc etc. However, I do believe religion is good in some ways, as it provides a comfort to someone, something to believe in and dedicate their life towards. :)

  • I would be much happier if people didnt just blindly believe in stuff.

    Religion has caused horrible things to happen and it has opposed almost every moral progress in the world like the mitigation of slavery, the better treatment of colored races, equal rights, the diminution of war, almost every improvement in criminal law, and many more. The church is the principal enemy of moral progress in the world so i think we would be much better off without it.

  • Of Course - Big yes

    If the world won't be religious a lot of issues will be solved,
    especially the middle east problem, it has nothing to do but religion.
    The world would really be a better place!
    There would be much less wars, much much less.
    People will be better people without religion. Really.

  • Speaking as an atheist, yes

    I don't think it matters if there is a God or not, because it doesn't change anything. I still have the same reasons to live and I'd still be happy, and I think religion can be a form of segregation, e.g. with the Jews, and I've heard many people judging Islam based on the acts of terrorism (myself not included), and so if there was no religion it would be a bigger step towards equality.

    And if you aren't killing somebody out of fear of going to hell, that's pretty ridiculous. We don't need threats of going to a 'good' or 'bad' place to be a good person. We should instinctively know.

    We can have a world of peace and happiness without needing a God to ensure it.

  • Not if history was changed

    We are who we are now from a history of religion, if we were to change that then we'd lose a lot.

    However if everyone started to accept that because we can't prove gods exist, we all simply didn't choose to take them on faith.

    I would be happier because then we all together could search for the answers together, if there was a real god and this god had a religion based around this god then we'd be in a much better position to know whether this god is real.

  • Perhaps, but not completely

    I agree that the world would be a better place without religions, although I believe that they follow many important values that we should keep using. Religions has been controlling us through fear and it is not right.
    I believe in science, and I believe that there is someone out there that has the power of a god. Not to sound ridiculous, but I believe in a god such as in Fringe (the show). Someone who has a high IQ that understood physics, and how to use science to get what he wanted.
    I also believe that the world was create by the big bang, but someone or something created it.
    Religions is just a story of societies perception of the world. However, their judgemental, or clueless perception of life (such as christianity) made us live in fear of using our bodies and mind to the fullest. The fact that being gay is a sin (biological hormone imbalance for most..), or having sex before marriage would be a sin? (animal instinct, hence… part of the brain that is slowly being replaced by more important part of the brain that is more used throughout our evolution), and primary need in Maslow's Pyramid)... Our world would be much more advanced if we would have been aloud from then to explore our capabilities. We have been raised to hate differences, it is flowing through our blood. Our mind is capable of doing a lot of things... If we would of known from a long time ago about different universes and what not, we could have swallowed our pride/ ego, and use our skills together to find the technology to go out there. Could you imagine how much we could do? Again, our brain is capable of doing a lot more than we think, we have been programed (once religions was reinforced) to survive for years now. Instead of using our knowledge for our own advantage, what we should have done is like in North K RIGHT of Knowledge, our society would be more interconnected,

    To conclude, our education system should remove all religions, input a 101 guide of life class, where we can learn how to become independent (our taxes, pay rent, budgeting, self-defence..). Homosexuals (and everthing that comes with it) has always been forced to live their lives, beliefs, rights, pride and such... In their closets. Religion is also a choice of life.

  • Yes I would.

    I believe the world would be a better place. Religion was a necessary evil in a time before science and reason. However, we have reached a stage in our advancement that we no longer need it.

    Lightning doesn't come from Zeus, and the crops don't fail because we didn't make our virginal sacrifice. Unfortunately religion has become more and more of a hindrance as we evolve morally and intellectually.

    Resisting scientific and medical advancement, education, and basic human rights for women and those that may stand against the tenants of the major religion of the area.

    The control religion has over the populace has been dwindling for some time now, and it's only growing stronger as time goes on. Some years from now we will know if we could be happy in a world without religion, until then we'll just have to speculate.

  • Religion has done tremendous good for a lot of people

    Of course not all. Some such as Lutheranism, Calvinism have done messed up things.
    But others have done lots of good for society. Anglicans and Catholics have opened up hospitals and schools. Religion has also inspired adventure and many great things. Religion has done wonders for the world, if it's the right one.

  • No, I wouldn't

    Religion has played vital roles throughout history. In Christianity, the teachings of Christ have helped people become selfless, meek, and humble. Many religious organizations have humanitarian aid programs and programs for the needy, so getting rid of religion would be a huge blow to the society all around the world.

  • Absolutely not. A lot of people wouldn't benefit from this

    A lot of charities were formed because of religions. The Catholic church has built tons of hospitals and schools. Also, a lot of good has come from religion. Yes, unfortunately, there have been some wars started from it, but the 5th commandment says, "you shall not kill." Also, a lot of people find comfort in their religions. My faith is a huge part of my life and I don't know what I would do without it. The first amendment says there should be freedom of religion. If you weren't allowed to be religious, it would violate the 1st amendment

  • Religion has deep roots in history

    Religion has set roots and foundations throughout history. It's also something that brought communities together. Islam for example is a very widespread religion that brings people of different races and nationalities together in West and East Asia, and no doubt from Europe and the Americans. Reason people only like to bring up the violent side of religion is because that's the only thing they actually know about those religions and because its the only thing that is interesting to them, if you ask people anything about Buddhism they shrug their shoulders and know nothing about it.

  • Religion caused activism and Philosophy.

    No, I wouldn't be, since world religions have directly influenced, and driven world Philosophies. Without any religion, we would not have the literature and thoughts we have today. In general, they can be very comforting for many people in times of Crisis or emotional instability.

    Arguing that religions cause wars is pretty strong, but keep in mind that the Human desires and agenda's are the true forces behind war. War's over religion are really wars over ideologies and people who are either deceived or not simple not in a situation where they would know better.

    In the long run, without religions there would still be wars, and we would not be in such an advanced and cultured society as today. Religion has assisted us in giving these things, and my happiness is directly related.

  • My faith is a very comforting facet of my life.

    It is part of who I am. In the worst of times, my faith has given me hope & strength. In good times, it provides a source of reflection ... Study ... And inspiration. I cannot imagine my life without it.

    I have never pushed my beliefs off on others. Likewise, I try to respect how others believe -- different faiths & non-believers alike. It is our right to worship freely (or not) in America. That shouldn't be a burden to anyone, whether they share the beliefs or not. As an American, they should respect the founding freedom that it is.

  • Why would we want to forget God

    Whether or not religion is true or false, the fact that people just want to ignore it these days is a sad sign of the times. When people follow a religion and believe in a creator it humbles them. Today's people feel they are so superior they do not need to be thankful to anyone for having created them.

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