Would you be happy if a McDonald's was demolished?

Asked by: Adam2isback
  • I would be elated.

    McDonalds is nothing but damaging to your body. Everything they sell there is fattening, nothing good for you at all. If a McDonalds was demolished it'd be for the better and better for everyone in general. Sure those people might lose jobs, however it wouldn't be hard finding a new job at a nearby McDonalds considering there's a lot in this world.

  • Good riddance lol

    There was a McDonald's on Tilary Street in Brooklyn. I'm glad that dump is gone. Make way for better use, like a new apartment or parking lot. That whole area is a living dump to be honest. I'm glad it's gonae. Good riddance, man. McDonald's is disgusting all together man!

  • Every time I see the same commercial brand, I die a little inside. They don't tell you what goes on behind the scenes.

    Someone have it bad so that you can have it good. That is the price "they" have to pay because we demand cheap products and the economy demands growth. That is how capitalism work. Hopefully in the future we will pay for everything and at the right price, in return our person, the environment and our ethics are upheld, respected & protected. Correct me if i'm wrong.

  • What a crappy question

    If the McDonalds was demolished because the company chose it, then it's okay. It was demolished becasuse people don't like it, then it isn't okay. In a free country, businesses are allowed to operate lawfully even if you do not agree with the business' operation. The nutritional content is irrelevant.

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