Would you be ready to eat insects to stop pollution caused by meat production?

  • Eating insects... Why not ?

    I think eating insects is a good way to reduce unfairness around the world about food. It will allow feed developing countries like South Africa, Asia, New Zealand, etc…
    Even if developed countries think that this consumption is disgusted and uncommon, everyone eats what one wants. It’s a new practice, and like new practice, it’s controversial. But I repeat, it’s an interesting way to reduce unfairness, and also to decrease pollution cause by livestock and means of transportation. It may be an environmental progress.

  • Eat insects to save the planet !

    In my opinion, eating insects is a good way to feed worlds population, and stop the pollution due to meat production. In fact, we all know tat meat production pollutes a lot, but the problem in that people find insects too disgusting, so, in my opinion, the solution is to eat insect, but restaurants should not serve insects just as they are, they should present it like a steack or something like that.

  • Stop world hunger

    I think eating insects ins a good idee to Help people who are hungry. ThEre is so much people who are in need and can't buy meat for example. Besides it ´s better for the environment bécasse it' s use less Poluting and it'´s easier to form. We can find insects everywhere contrary to cheese or bref. Thank to eating insects we can stop the world Hunger.

  • Why not ?

    I agree with Entomophagy because insects coutains many proteins and it's healthy. In many country people eating insects , this is not a problem. They are more open-minded then our. For me this is not a problem because a insects is like than meat or fish. This is somehow a animals. In the world they are 2 millions people eat insects while they are so much insects in the world. If everybody eat insects , his would the end of famine.

  • Yes it's a good idea !

    I think that I will be able to eat insects because I eat yet snails. And then entomophagy could contribute to the decrease of the famine in the world. Insects represent more than half sorts at present known on Earth. They recover aproximately 70% of the biodiversity. It's a very trustful solution so quantitatively as qualitatively because most of insects are present in Asia and in Africa where the famine rages.Indeed insects are very rich in ^proteins and can fill certain nutritionnal deficiencies in developing countries.Furthermore they are easy to raise and reproduce very quickly.

  • Eating insects is conceivable!

    I think is possible to eat insects because they are edible. Insects don't gone-off and have many proteins like meat. Eating insects brings many nutritious in our organism It's good for our health.
    It's beneficial for environment and economy. . We could eat insects raw and cooked. Eating insects permits to reduce pollution and greenhouse goses. So I think is possible to eat insects.

  • Stop world hunger

    I think eating insects is a good idee to help people who are hungry. There is so much people who are in need and can't buy meat for example. Moreover it's better for the environment because it's less poluting and it's easier to form. We can find insects everywhere contrary to cheese or beef. Thank to eating insects we can stop the world Hunger, so I could eat it if i'm really hungry and can't eat an other food!

  • I would do anything !

    Even if I found this really disgusting when I think about eating warms, caterpillars, ants, beetles and all, I know it could stop world hunger. Besides, I think society made us think that eating insects is disgusting, but it is certainely not : some civilizations eat this kind of food in everyday's life. Most of all, I would do anything to stop pollution caused by meat production. Eating insects uses way less ressources than meat production! It is an environnmentally-friendly method which make very few green-gases and which could save the world. It's easy to farm and insects don't need to be feed because they feed on our waste, whereas bovines need a lot of food. Finally, in addition to the fact that it reduces pollution, it is healthier than anything; it is full of calcium, fibers and iron, and there is less fat and more proteins than in meat.
    However, I have to say I think I would really miss eating good meat...

  • Eating insect could be a solution to stop pollution, but i don't know if I could eat insect every day..

    I think that eating insect could be a solution to fight against starvation, but I think that I will leave this to other persons. For example, in Africa! Concerning pollution, yes, I think that entomophagy could be a solution. Some research prove that eating insects provide the same proteins that meat, but the productions of insects is better for the environment.. So i'm realy torn bitween to things because I want to portect the environment bu i think I'm not really ready to eat insects because I really hate some insects like spiders, dragonfly, or wasps..... But we should try a day!

  • Yes for Entomophagy !

    I think that Entomophagy is a food revolution. It has some positive point it contains proteins, calcium, iron and it is no fat. It stop world starvation because it's realy simple to cook insects while meat ask more time must be prepared for eating besides we find many insects on the world, but only two millions people already eat insect. Finally Entomophagy is few greenhouse gazes.

  • Ecologic but really disguting!

    In my opinion, the ideology of entomophogia is absolutely aberrant! 2 million people already eat insects and they're just crazy. I can't try to eat insects because it's psychological, maybe you think that I'm too selfish to protect the environment but it's impossible to me. Moreover, insects like grubs, worms or catterpillars look disgusting even if it's full of proteins, calcium, iron, etc... Nevertheless reducing the impact of agriculture is a good cause but entomophagia isn't an appetizing habit to have. If eating insects is the only solution to survive and preserve the environment, maybe I'll do it.

  • Eat insects? Never.

    I never eat insects because this look of insects is not appetizing. Frequently, the insect have a lot of legs, antennas or maybe pincer this is repulsive and sickening. The insects are a little quantity so i didn't see the interest from taste. Maybe for money, I can eat insects or against something by exchange.

  • Yuuuuck!! Too hard for me.

    I hate insects. It's my phobie. I think it's digusting. Even if it's healthy and better for the Earth I love too much meat to eat insects and psychological impossible. Maybe I'm too selfish to take care of our beautiful Earth. But no, I truly can't eat bugs or creepy crawleys, moreover that's not appetizing to see it in our plate whatever if it's containes proteins, calcium, iron etc...
    But I admit it's a really good idea to protect the environment and the day where we will not find meat maybe I will eat dragonfly or catterpillars because it's the less disgusting for me.

  • Yerk... Just yerk...

    I know that eating insect would decrease pollution and all but ... That's disgusting ! I just can't put these things in my mouth ! I think it's not in the European culture to eat insect because that's disgusting for us.
    There is many other way to protect the planet so, until eating insect isn't an obligation, I won't do it.

  • This is so disgusting to me!

    In some poor countries, eating insects can replace the meat they can't have. But here, in France, we have meet, so, WHY should we eat insects? I don't think I could be able to eat insects because seeing them disgust me, so I can't imagine eating them. I'm not ignoring the fact that eating insect is better for the environment, and also good for the health because it contains many vitamins! But sorry, that's not for me!

  • I can't eat my phobia. :(

    In my opinion, entomophagy is a incredible, a wonderful, a unbelievable idea, but it's for me very disgusting.. I mean, i hate insects, it's my phobia, so i can't eat it ! I believe those sciensist which says that entomophagy is a revolution, because instect have many proteins, it can save the food problems in the world , it's maybe very environmentally friendly, but i take care about entomophagy. I can't eat insects, it's not in my education and my culture, but maybe my children (if i have children of course) will eat insects. He will eat my phobia .. Intresting, ins't it ?

  • Maybe this is a solution but ..

    In my opinion, to eat insect without be disgusted, we have to be used to do this since we are child. Entomophagy is something special, it has to be into our culture, or we have to be easy-going, to try very lot of unknown things, that’s why we found this almost only in Latin America, Africa, Asia and Oceania. 1,417 known species of arthropods are edible to humans and into them there are as many proteins as in conventional , this can help environment to survive; but for eat insect instead of eat conventional meat, we have to work in peaople’s mind before.

  • Eat insects ? Never

    In my opinion, I can’t eat meals with insects because I find it’s disgusting even if it’s for the earth and to depress polution. I know that I never can eat insects. I prefer eat meat production. Morever, there are others manners to save the planete and I prefer select my trashs than eat insects.

  • Too hard for me !

    I wouldn't be ready to eat insects even if it's to stop polluting because I'm disgusting by this. Some people say that it is normal and everyone can do it without taking danger but I will always be afraid to eat this food. However I believe that it's a good alternative to the meat It's a good way to see the future and I respect people and country who are ready to eat insects.

  • Eating insects ? Never...

    I think I can't be ready to eat instects to stop pollution caused by meat production because it's a very good idea, it's going to reduce the pollution, and save animals but I will not be able to eat insects because, for me it's digusting, moreover even if insects are meat it's not like we are eating meat, it's so weird and for me.

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