Would you be surprised if poor parenting ended up contributing to Victoria Siegel's death?

  • Yes, I would be startled to find she died due to poor parenting.

    It should be a surprise in any case when poor parenting kills a child. The predatory media coverage of this matter evoke deja vu from cases of younger daughters such as Madeline McCann and JonBenet Ramsey. That is the only reason any suggestion of family involvement has yet been considered. Unless evidence to the contrary arises, speculation should be avoided and this grieving family should be respected.

  • Poor parenting is a subjective arguement and is difficult to actually prove

    I would not expect that anyone could conclusively prove that poor parenting was the cause of Victoria Siegel's death. While some may argue that it is a contributing factor, I would counter with the point that 'poor parenting' is a subjective and colloquial way to say "parenting that we do not agree with." Separate from a coroner's report about actual abuse, no one can know what really went on inside house, despite the parents and family being spotlighted on television

  • No, I would not be surprised if poor parenting was a factor.

    I think that poor parenting is probably a factor in the death of Victoria Siegel. I don't think it's because they were rich, poor parenting spans the economic spectrum. It seems like parents today are too interested in being friends with their kids instead of being parents. With firmer guidelines in place, who's to say this girl wouldn't have made different choices and still be alive today?

  • It would not surprise me if poor parenting contributed to her death

    While it is unclear if her addiction issues are responsible for her death, clearly there was a problem with this young lady's mental health. Often when parents find themselves in the limelight, they begin to put less emphasis on good parenting and more emphasis on their public career. Situations like that can cause young people to suffer mentally and emotionally from the stress of being pawns in their parents' public reputation. Poor parenting most certainly contributed to this girl's death, although there was certainly more to it than that.

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