Would you be willing to pay thousands of dollars a year to have more access to your doctor?

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  • Access Should Be Available Equally

    While the single-payer system is still a boogeyman in the US, access to health care for everyone is important in a functioning society. While doctors should be allowed to make as much as they can in a free market, giving more access to those who can pay more would lead to a complete fundamental breakdown of the health care system.

  • From a Canadian perspective

    Being that I have a family physician and enjoy virtually unlimited medical care access, I can say that Americans should not have to spend more. For every 1 tax dollar the Canadian Government spends to subsidize our public Heath Care system per person, the U.S. Government spends 2 tax dollars to subsidize their private system. Contrary to what it said in the U.S., my wait time to see a Physician can be as little as 10 minutes. My last set of X-Rays at the hospital took less than 30 minutes starting from the moment I walked (spur of the moment decision) in the Hospital front doors to check in - all free of course. My self-employed friend with no extended health plan had a heart attack and was in a comma for a week; walked out of his private room three weeks later not owing a cent. It is also no surprise that Canadian life expectancy is several years longer than Americans. Americans deserve better in my opinion.

  • no frikking way

    They charge enough as it is! Did you know that other countries have much cheaper medical, not because the doctors are less talented or less trained, but because they don't charge like 10 times more for the medications that they use. They still make good money and save lives! America is just greedy

  • No, I would not pay thousands of dollars a year for more access to my doctor.

    For some people, such as the elderly or the extremely sick, having increased access to a doctor would be a huge boon, and something worth paying large sums for. But for me, a relatively healthy young adult, there is simply no need for greater access. Indeed, it would take a major health condition for me to require greater access.

  • Don't have that kind of expendable income

    Not everyone has that kind of money to pay extra just to have "more access" to their doctor. I also don't feel like I NEED "more" access, I have no inherent illness or anything that would require me to be seen more often or with more one-on-one care than the average Joe.

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