Would you be willing to sacrifice your happiness for intelligence?

Asked by: fuzala
  • The Question Is Wrong

    Let's be honest here, all of us require intelligence to the degree that we appreciate happiness. You can't sacrifice ALL happiness for intelligence, nor ALL intelligence for happiness. It's just not possible, as without "intelligence" you could not appreciate the good things that make you happy, and without "happiness" are you really viewing the world in all of it's glory (You don't have intelligence if you can't appreciate everything). So really if I chose intelligence over happiness, my intelligence should I allow me to appreciate everything, thus allowing me to be TRULY happy.

  • No one can make fun of you if you are smart

    It would just make thing easier in school, and also in your everyday life cause you know how to create, and invent new things that could help the people around you. And that is all i have to say but i need to get 50 words so i am just going to type.

  • Yes I would.

    I feel that supporting mankind and furthering our collective database of knowledge would be worth one lifetime of happiness. Realistically I'm not sure how long I would last. I think some comfort would come from knowing that I would never be happy again so I would never have to hold out or wish for it, I could push it from my mind and focus on something else. If you got a whole lot of people to do it it would shape our culture into something interesting and very different. If really given the opportunity I think that I would say yes.

  • That's a ridiculous question

    First of all, I would rather be happy than intelligent. Whatever sacrificing happiness is, I would not do it. Second of all, you don't have to sacrifice happiness to be intelligent. It's called studying something you enjoy. You can become technically intelligent in the area you enjoy, but you can also enjoy what you're intelligent in and have happiness alongside intelligence. I don't understand how this question makes sense.

  • I will be abhorring to give up my happiness.

    I won't do it because without my happiness, I will die because I am always sad and I will be depressed all the time. I can get mad easily because I have no happiness at ALL. Intelligence is something I can get when I work hard. However, once you lose happiness, it is all over. It is hard to retrieve.

  • The question does not make sense.

    I would never sacrifice my happiness for anything. If you do choose to be intelligent (cannot think of such situation, I guess it is hypothetical) , why would you do it for? Would you get a doctorate and a highly paid job, or find the cure of cancer, or whatever you are into? It would not matter, for you would never be happy. Remember,you traded it.

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